Animating UV mapping gizmo


ive got to create some animated boats on water and im having trouble creating the wake effect , ive tried various plugins like seascape which distort the water (mesh ) but dont generate the sort of foam you get in real life . ive tried particles but its hard to get them to blend with the water texture and keep them under control when the boat is turning .

Ive seen some cracking still images with boats on water where the wake effect is textured on and look the business .

so do any of you guys know of a way to assign a UV mapping gizmo to a spline to animate it , so far ive just been keying the uv mapping by hitting the auto key and dragging it around at different times .

cheers guys


use the parameter wire dialog and connect the uvw mapping gizmos position with with splines position.


You can wire the UV modifier position controller to another object’s position.

Some people like to use DreamScape for wakes.


OK, what you need to do it this.

Place a dummy on a path constraint. (Dummy01)

On your water plane add a UVW Map mod.
In trackView find the Gizmo track and change the controller to Transform Script
In the script copy and paste this code.

dependsOn trackObj
trackObj.transform * inverse $Plane01.objectTransform

Your UVW Map gizmo will now follow the dummy object in world space.


The problem with this is the Gizmo sits in object space and the object that it is following is in world space. Trying to get them to do what you expect is next to impossible. Using the script conrtoller method you can get around that by converting the matrix of one object into that of another.


Thank you very much guys , Pen you are a legend mate :thumbsup:


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