Animating Slice On/Off Parameters


I remember an On/Off Controller in 3DSMax which I have never used, and tried to use it with the Slice On checkbox for a Sphere primitive. I couldn’t find the Slice On checkbox as an animatable parameter in Curve Editor.

I have already created some slice animations on a number of spheres, assuming I can turn them all to a full sphere, but as you might imagine my slice cut is always visible.

Is the slice on/off checkbox not animatable?


not sure about your FX but what about say at frame 0, Slice to is at 50%, then animate that to 0% at frame 10…
then the sphere ‘grows’ gradually until it is ‘whole’…is that the intended FX ?

actually, that’s not %, that’s in degrees.


I need the sphere to be formed from a 0 degree slice to 360, (a full sphere), but when slice is on, start and end surfaces do not join. That’s why I need to turn Slice off at the last frame. If I can’t find a way, I’ll just clone the spheres, turn off their slice mode. Hide sliced sphere In the appropriate frame and show the full sphere in the same frame. Or just manually render the animation until the last sliced frame, turn off slice and move on to the rendering with slice off.


try adding a Welder above the Sphere, with tiny threshold of course coz you don’t want it to start welding at ‘large’ distanceSphere


Thank you very much indeed. That’s been very helpful.:smiley: