animating shadow


hi there, i’m planning to animate the shadow of a man, which is projected on a wall, (something like peterpan’s) how do i actually do that?cos i was wondering if i’d turned the visibility of the human model off(cos i only want the shadow), then the lights would just shine through, and there won’t be any shadows right?
or is there a shader that i can use?or someway?


Go to the attribute editor for the geometry of the model you are using, and turn off “primary visibility” in the “render stats”. Make sure “casts shadows” is still turned on.

Make sure you have shadows enabled for the light you want to cast the shadow.


:bounce: thanks alot!!!


No problem. Be sure to post the reults here when you finish!:smiley:


If you would like furhter control of the shadow you could render a shadow pass only or use disk based shadow maps which you can adjust and animate


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