Animating hands only



I have a MotionBuilder / 3ds MAX related question. I would like to animate a hand model I have in MAX. It is just a hand rigged with bones (not a biped). Is it possible to animate it using a motion capture BVH file (also hand only)?
I can send it to MB but I don’t know if there is a way to work around the characterization process - it’s a hand skeleton only without bones required for MB characterization.

Also - is it possible to animate a biped using a BVH file which has only hand animation? I was able to do this by loading this file into MB and attaching it to one of the template characters’ skeleton (instead of its original hand). Then I loaded a biped model from MAX, characterized it and animated with my prepared character.
Is there an easier way? Or do I need to have a full character defined in MAX and in my BVH file?



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