animating growing terrain form map.


I’m trying to achieve this kind of effect:
let’s say that I have map of some place (village or something, there are few trees, mountains and houses) my camera is looking from top at this map. then camera is going down to perspective view and I want to create effect of growing terrain, mountains, houses from this plate map to 3d. You know what I mean? What is the easiest way to achieve this?


Have a greyscale map of the height… and displace increasingly.
It’s not simple :slight_smile:


But this will work only for terrain growing, and what about houses and trees?


you could model them in 3d, and make animate them coming through the terrain going from down to up.


you’re right :blush: thank you for help.


something else u could look at if u have access to it, is 3D world Magazine ( there is an article in the latest issue there is an article by the talented mr Draper (thanks Pete) about having objects building themselves panel by panel over time.


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