Animating between a 2D and 3D view.


Hi, I’m working on a simple 3d scene (below). As part of the animation I liked to move from a flat image (1) to a 3d image (2), with a small camera movement to move from a front on view to the side slightly to emphasise the created depth.

Image 1 is the FRONT view. Image 2 is the CAMERA view with it pretty close to head on, I can get it a little closer but obviously not flat looking.

Is there a way to use a camera to move between these two views. Maybe putting the camera far away and zooming in to try and flatten the image… Or do I need to animate it in on the page?


Thanks for any help.


You’ll need to animate the camera’s focal length to something higher(150mm for example) to achieve the flat look and then lower going to the “3d” view(35mm-50mm for example). That will require you to move your camera further away and closer to compensate for the focal change, it may cause a bit of a vertigo effect, but you make the focal change minor, you won’t notice it quite as much as you won’t have to move the camera as far. Hope that makes sense.


Thanks Remi.

In the end I just animated it by flattening everything then key-framing an increase in scale. I might go back and try your in camera suggestion though to see what the difference in end results is.