Animating along a curve


I am making a solar system animation, but when I attach a planet to a ‘motion path’ it doesn’t seem to move at a constant speed.

The curve i’m using is a circle, with a slight change to its eccentricity. I’ve also used an unmodified circle to see if this changed that behavior, but the problem persisted.

I have also tried using the ‘attach to motion path’ with different parameters.

Could someone please explain why this happens and how it can be solved?



When you attach your object to motion path maya creates motionpath node (which calculates position) and automatically set key on its U value. But the shape of animation curve is not linear by default. Select motion path node and open graph editor and change shape of curve to linear.


Oh, thanks. Do you mean make the tangents linear?


Take a look on picture
(just before you make tangent linear)


That seems to solve my problem, thank you very much.

But the ‘curve’ itself appears as a straight horizontal line(on my graph editor) before I make the tangents linear, so there is no visual difference after applying the changes.

Is this the way it is supposed to be?


Just press F key.


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