Animating a piston on angle surface


Animating a piston.
Please reference video.

How would one go about constraining, rigging or setting up the pistons seen in the above image.

These piston has to follow the rotating angled face. And be able to move Vertical, rotate.

I have some geometry I could share if needed. I can get my piston and block to rotate. The hard part is keeping the pistons on the rotating angled surface.

Once again I am new just starting out.



here you go…MCG haters…


Controller version (you can skip to 1:30 if you’ve already seen vid above)



That is really cool and close to what I need. Thanks. I am really new to 3ds max. What do I need to review on how you accomplished this?


this really clears up what Rotating Pistons means…

(some more cleanups before releasing the final MCGs)



I got it working with math. Vusta technique worked also. Thanks for all the help on this. Especially while I am learning this stuff for Mechanical work.



I’d hate to intentionally pay extra for something that fewer people can use, but if you’ve paid for it, you’d be crazy not to use it.


especially when most of the graphs are free and unencrypted for all to see, use and mod…ok ok…you’ll need to be well versed in hieroglyphics + a well befuddled brain to understand them…but still…they’re there…and no, I don’t like it when things are made ‘exclusive’ to the elite like Extensions…