animatin cables so the ends stay in place


Hello, I was working in this robot (original art is from a sketch from an artist called Jon Lane, if somebody knows him, I would like to ask for forgiveness for using his sketch - is not for a commercial project)

I want to rotate the torso of the body but as I modeled the cables, they end up separating from the pelvis, I saw somewhere a way to make a spline and stick both ends in place, so I could freely move one end for the pelvis and one for the lower back (im sorry if this is confusing).

Also, all critiques are welcome… is still a work in progress… I used Redshift for rendering (2 minutes average per frame), so I also want to know if you guys know how to add decals into the mesh.



this is the original art.


I’m not sure if its exactly what you’re looking for, but this is an XPresso rig I use all the time for cables that connect two moving parts:


Thanks, yes I think that will gonna do the trick. Hopefully I will be able to move the shoulder and the arm and the cable will follow accordingly


Would something like Topowire help?