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Hello everyone. So I’ve been working on this solo animated short film for three years now. In that time, I’ve been creating all the characters, sets, props, ect. Recently, I recorded all the voices for the film, and with all the character and sets done, I’m not doing the final stage of putting together the film, shot by shot.

I realized, after getting lost in all this preproduction, that I have to direct this thing!! I’ve been so consumed with everything else on the project over the years, that I’m having a hard time with the direction side of things, or at least calming my brain that it’s ok.

So I was wondering if I could get some critiques on my animatic, shot/direction-wise. I’m looking to I guess see if I’m doing it right, if I haven’t screwed up things so far with the animatic. This is only a small portion of the film obviously, and the bit before this will have more establishing shots of the environment.

Excuse the poor quality of the animatic, it’s pretty rudimentary in places. I added in some text in places that may not make much sense to help explain. It also has some early work in progress animated shots in place of animatic shots, ect ect.

Thanks everyone!

And what it looks like rendered:


it conveys the idea. it’d be better with some sort of sub titles.


Difficult to give detailed feedback on direction without knowing the characters, the relationship between them, and how that relationship relates to the story. This small portion doesn’t give much away.

Some questions that arose when I was watching this small piece were:
How do these characters know each other?
The big guy seems badly intimidated by the little robot yelling HEY! at him out of the blue, it’s not clear why such an imposing character would be worried by a weedy little robot.
The robot’s pretty obnoxious, the big guy just seems to take it. Why?
The robot’s obviously acting like a child, why does it have no fear of the big guy?

Starting from a basic, basic rule of constructing a scene, every scene is a competition by the characters for control. In this scene the little robot has all the control, and the big guy seems to be letting him take it.

Other than this I have to say that the character design, composition, lighting, modeling and rendering are all well over the professional quality bar- very beautiful. Best of luck with the project.


All the questions you asked are answered in the film, it’s just hard to get a grasp on all that from these few seconds of the full 10 minute film. The initial shock is purely from the shock of someone screaming in his ear out of the blue. Like I said though, everything else will be explained in the film =)

Going back to the topic of the thread though, are there any critiques on the direction/shot progression, or does it look fine to everyone?


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