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Hi everyone,

This here is my final project which concludes 4 years of Broadcast Design and Animation studies. It’s a music video for a song called ‘Flugufrelsarinn’ by the Icelandic band ‘Sigur Ros’. And basically it’s about rebirth or going back to the womb (which, I guess, would be nice if you could do it once in a while…). I finished it sometime ago (about 6 months), but only recently I uploaded it to the net so I thought it’d be cool to hear what you guys thought about it. It’s also my first post here (though I’ve been strolling and reading around for a long time now). Crits and all are very much welcomed.

The addresses are:

This is the High Res video (about 50Mb) You have to wait about 45 seconds 'till the timer button stops counting before you can press it and download.

For lower quality (or if you have problems downloading from the above link) try:





Good job!

I like the design, camera and overall look of it all.
You’ve made some interesting decisions and designs, dealt with vfx that came out really nice.
While watching I had to remind myself that this was a student film, amazing. Very professional work.

Where did you go to school? Bezalel?




Hi Ran

Thanks for the complements :slight_smile: loved your work on the Ivri Lider video too, brilliant character animation and feel. I actually first saw your reel while it happily circulated with applauase here at ‘Primus’. As for the Bezalel thingy - yes, I studied at the visual communications department.

Thanks again


[left]What? no more replies? :([/left]
[left]and no stars either?.. [/left]
[left]C’mon people tell me if you like it (or hate it) and I promise I won’t whine anymore[/left]


Heres another link to the video as I understood some have had trouble with the links above:



Very nice!

Top quality all the way. The world needs more original music videos like this.


yeeha! this is beautiful. i love it. take my stars.
did you ever see videos of the band tool? looks pretty much like it, but sure it is no copy and has its own style.
brilliant. well done.


HEY! someone actually liked this thing! It amazes me every time :slight_smile:

thanks SD, and you to ‘disposition’. As for ‘Tool’, well… I’ll take it as a complement I guess :slight_smile:



the biggest i can pay!


A guy called Dek saw the video and decided to upload it to his blog, which is cool :slight_smile: he also made some encoding to the sound so now instead of 50Mb it weighs 17Mb… same video quality though…

So thanks Dek, and here’s the address:



Awsome! Visually stunning! the lighting and textures make this animaton look awsome!


Thanks Ragnar0, especially since a lot of energy and time was spent on creating the setting and mood for this work.



great job!
i always lookiing for goof animation


this is great

I liked most the color mode…black/white
camera movement…greate



simply WOW! what the hell is that, how did u do it? was it live video and 3d? it looks so great, i thought i saw everything, now i am complete ! i can die peacefully…

will u teach me?
you are like, my new mentor for life …



Thanks again everyone, nice to hear complements and all… on the technical side, I’ve been asked which progs did I use… mainly 3dsmax, after effects and photoshop. No global illumination was used. Main reason for that was trying to emulate a film-nuar/german expressionistic feel, with high contrast and areas of complete darkness. and secondly because of tight deadlines (the whole thing was done in less than 3 months), so I had to cut the rendering time to a minimum. and that’s it more or less… thanks again


its great, has the band seen it? makes me wish i was a student again, with all these new toys :slight_smile: i didnt know there was such high quality CG in israel either…


Thanks yenvalmar,

The band did see the video, they really liked it and, since my initial purpouse in contacting them was to get their permission to actually use the soundtrack, they gave it to me and encouraged me to publish it.

Israel has very good CG artists and animators, as any other place. Good visionaries… that’s another question :slight_smile:



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