Animated the position transform of an object that has a path constraint


i’m animating a cart along a path but would like to make it jump mid way but it’s constrained to the path. i would like to animate the position on it’s x,y and z axis. the only way I’ve found it adding a edit poly modifier and animating the vertices or faces. unfortunately i have a lot of them and it causes my computer to lag each time i move. is there some kind of offset modifier like the offset effect in after effects?


Either add further position controllers to the Cart model. (Turn the position controller into a List controller) add a path constraint controller, then add a position controller as the next controller. Or Ideally do this to the Helper object that the cart should be linked to…
Or create a Helper object that follows the path you have set, then create a child Helper that is linked to this Parent helper, then link the cart to this. You will then be able to either animate the child helper or the cart separately…Either way get into List Controllers - as you will learn to love them and you can add other controllers like Noise to add a little jiggle.