Animated textures in Maya


Hi, I’ve been using Maya’s image sequence to load a series of texture files as a water animation (its 80 frames long). I’m wondering if anyone can help me get it to loop? Once it hits the 81st frame it just looks for the next frame, I’m not sure how to set up the expression to get it to restart.

(found the solution in another thread)

In a file texture you have an attribute called “Use image sequence” when you enable it, it runs a script “= frame” which runs each frame as the frame padding of your image sequence. To disable this, right click on “image number” and choose “delete expression”, after this you’ll no longer have the image sequence playback. Then, key frame the image number to the corresponding frame number on your timeline. Example: you have image.001.tif - image.150.tif to run the image sequence once, just select the frame you want in your timeline and key the “image number” attribute as 1 then go 150 frames later and key “image number” as 150. That should take care of it.

oh…later you can select the file texture node and tweak it for loops or so on with the graph editor.

(so friggin simple but I never had to use it before)


Yup, it’s easy to set loop in Graph Editor.

In the Graph Editor menu -> View -> check on “Infinity”, this will enable to view the extended animation curves.

Then set your curves to repeat in simple steps:
Curves -> Post Infinity -> Cycle with Offset
There have another items, u can try each to see the result

enjoy :thumbsup:


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