Animated Text: How


I picked up the Shake 3 book from Apple Pro and can’t find how to animate text. Basically, i want multiple Text items to fade in, move across, fade out…with music. If i could just figure out the animate text, I’d be great.

Any help would be appreciated. I know it’s probably some kind of keying.



Not to be rude but this is a bit of stupid question !

If you are a total newbie to shake and you have just spent $4000 buying it I would expect you to have at least had a look at the mannual, and maybe even have a play with the interface.

the short answer:

Text node
move 2d node
fade node

if you have the book it should really help with this question.


an even shorter answer:

Don’t Use Shake.

Shake is a whole new world of pain for motion graphics, use Combustion or After Effects.


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