Animated ShortFilm : The Little Dragon


This is the short film produced by a group of 5 students in a time of 4 months. We are students of Picasso Animation College, NOIDA. Would love to have your comments on it.
Here’s the link

Hope you will like it.
Barjinder Singh


Barjinder , I heard a lot of good things about Picasso animation school.


thanx for the appreciation… yes, its a good college…


Alot of the animation looks floaty.



first off the good, the texturing and shading are good, in many ways it does a good job at hiding the bad GI solution. The modelling other than the characters looks OK aswell.

Now the bad, The camera work is really awfull, the animation is floaty and looks robotic and repetative. there are some major render issuses ranging from objects floating, through to a blotchy GI solution “needs more samples”. The character modeling is very rough and the characters look dead “literally”. The voice over is also very rough, he says controditing things like “kiddnapped by an evil power… A mad scientist” which one is it you cant be mad and evil at the same time. There are also continuity issues between shots, at 0:44 the lighting is totally diffrent from 0:46

Hope that helps.


@MCHammond. Thanx a lot for your comments. they are really helpful and knowledgeble… will help us a lot in future projects. abt animation, i totally agree with u. we were not havin any specialized animator. so we could not do it as per reqd. standar. as per character models, i thought they were gud… but ur points r also correct…
regarding narration, i still think that some mad ecientist can be evil… mad is a state of mind… evil is a nature… so, it can be both…
once agai… thanx a lot for ur constructive criticism.


Glad it helped.

Yea about the voice over I used a bad example, I ment in general though. It just reads really choppy, with bad grammer. maybe lost in the translation?

You cant technically be mad and evil at the same time, if you are mad or insane you lack the ability to make a conscious decision or understand its consequences. But to be evil you must know what you are doing and make a conscious decision to be evil. Thats why the insane are tried under diffrent laws to criminals when they commit a crime or do an evil thing.


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