Animated Short Film "Le Cinquième Jour"


Hi everybody!

I recently graduated from the Cégep du Vieux Montréal in 3D animation. Each student there is required to create his very own one-minute animated short film. This make for a challenging project since we all have to deal with everything from the very script to the final composite. Preproduction on this film took about 8 months (on and off since it includes winter and summer breaks), and actual prod and post-prod lasted 14 weeks.

I just proceeded to upload it in online, so I’d be delighted to know what you all think. It’s on Vimeo at the moment, and I also added a direct link on my website for anyone who would like to watch it in all its glory:, 68.9 MB, 1 min 32

I’d like to add that I had the honor of winning the “Best Short Film” award at my school that year.


Maya 2008, Adobe CS3 (After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere and Audition), ZBrush 3.1, CrazyBump


EntropiK (

I hope you enjoy all the hard work that went into the making of this film!




beautiful wrk dude.


Great work, man. Animation and render are beautiful.


Totally Awesome.


pentool: Cheers! :slight_smile:

lipuster: Thanks mate!

luzak1: Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated!

Kwakos: Haha, thanks C. Totally can’t wait that YOU post your film too! :slight_smile:


Your render and animation was quite impressive…I just did not understand the plot, why didn’t he take the parachute before, anyway there must be sumthin I’m missing rather I think…

Overall is a great short film :slight_smile:


Fanatastic short :cool:
Is very nice to see sometimes something beautifull :beer:


Thanks a lot Lendor!

Yea SarwarZKhan, I always feared that this question would rise. I personally reason that he didn’t jump because he seriously have no idea what’s underneat and his parachute is a little damaged. He prefered to write a big SOS and wait for help, then jump later if there’s really no other option.

But you know, it’s still a case of “that’s not what I’ve done” and I try not to reason to much. Tons of things can go through a man’s head. Perhaps dying in the sky over the clouds almost feels like an honorable death now that he’s lost his dear plane and cannot fly anymore?

Anyway, thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it.


Very nice! I love the establishing shot :slight_smile: Seemed to be a few edging issues around the trees, but not sure if it was compression issue or compositing. Awesome job!


Great job! The animation on the hand in that first shot was great, nice and subtle.


Great work!Could you tell us a bit more about the production?
BTW Plugged!


David, beautiful detail and use of color. My only regret was that it wasn’t longer. Congratulations. :slight_smile:


David, awesome work! Really inspiring. I really loved the colors and overall mood of the short!


Amazing! I personally hate heights and had that weird tingling sensation in my feet when he was being pulled of the side…it was awesome! Loved the surprise cloud riding at the end, overall 5/5!


I realize this story…good render ! I love pic2 best


Cool work and very nice render :applause:
some of the textures needs more rez .


Wow man this is excellent short, just love every aspect of it. To be honest i would like to see more.



Lovely stuff! Congratulations on all your hard work paying off.


Really emotive animation, and everything worked together. Also, it brought a smile to my face, merci! :slight_smile: