Animated short Burial At Sea


I am actually hoping I could get some feedback that can be used for future projects. This is the only real stab I’ve taken at tackling realistic emotion…mainly in the facial expression in dialog. I’m mainly a modeler and would appreiciate what anyone has to suggest.


7 meg Windows Media 9

25 Meg MPEG


My computer could very well be the problem, but it looks like your lip sync os off. I think you drained too much color out. I like the 8mm film effect, but it covers up your work. The audio had a couple problems and the waves (or ripples) effect in your edit program is cheezy. Visually I think you got the mood right, good job.

What ship is that?


Good job… but here’s my 2c… I can’t clearly see the details, too much blur and i also noticed the ship’s hull is still intact as it collides with something with the background music suddenly cutoff…


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