Animate visibility of 1500 objects from center object moving outwards


Picture a tiled floor. I would like to animate the tiles appearing one per frame starting with the tile in the middle of the room. Using Animation Presets I’ve come close to making this work.

Using 3dsMax 2021:

  • I’ve created a 2-frame animation preset that changes visibility from 0 to 1
  • All the tiles have had a visibility track added.
  • When I load the Animation Preset onto 100 tiles as a test everything works great. In the Offset Order of the Preset Maker modifier I can Set Order By Distance and pick the center tile.

The problem is when I try to Load the Animation Preset onto all 1500 objects, 3dsMax never makes it through the loading process.

Is the Animation Preset tool in 3dsMax not designed to be used on this many objects? Is there another method that is more stable and scalable that would be better for me to use than trying to load an Animation Preset?

Thanks for any tips.



Here’s a way around the Animation Preset bottleneck I was running into:

Instead of creating an Animation Preset, all the objects can be batch keyframed (visibility off, then on).

I then added Offset Controllers and adjusted settings so that one tile becomes visible per frame.

3dsMax seems to handle assigning Offset Controllers to a large number of objects better than it does Animation Presets - at least on my computer.

If anyone has any info/tips on this topic, I would still like to hear them.