Animate "Self Collide Width Scale" per particle over time



A current jobs asks for some simple particle animation and there is one hurdle for me to make a decent looking simulation. Problem is that I usually don’t do partcle or dynamic animations and I don’t have a clue about expressions.

What I try to achive are some particles traveling through a tube and at the beginning they are far away from each other. I achived this by using a “Self Collide Width Scale” of maybe 1.5 and at the end of their journey I want them to be very close to each other.

So if there was soemthing like a ramp to edit that value over time I would be happy…but there isn’t :frowning:

any ideas !?!

Thanks in advance for your help.



I don’t have Maya open in front of me right now, but assume you tried to keyframe that value?


Problem is that would affect all particles but I need that to happen over the particle age. Birth= partciles far away from each other and at the end of their lifespan close together. You see that all in frame…


Are the particles being continuously born and not close to any one given frame?