animate models to spin


I work in 3d modeling professionally, but I haven’t done much animation. I have these 3d models and I want to have them spin over this 4k footage I have. I usually use Adobe Premiere Pro for my videos, and I have my footage in there now.

What’s the easiest software program to make these

I have the entire Adobe Suite 2017, Netfabb, Blender, Sculptris, Meshmixer, Cinema 4D, and I could always download something else free


I guess you mean a ‘turntable’?!

We do them for character designs.

The best method is to animate a camera and light rig so it actually ‘orbits’ your models. Not ‘spinning’ the geometry itself.
Then you can export/import it as a scene element or write a script to build in on-the-fly to any ‘model scene’.
Then render the result.

I would say C4D or Blender are your best bet-but i use neither of them.