Animate Mesh Bomb Binding to swith on/off, 3D Max.


I wanted to find out if anyone knows how to animate a space warp binding to switch off and on.
I have a complicated scene where I have several mesh bombs exploding high poly objects in reverse. Basically animating the strength of the bombs from high down to zero and forming the objects.
But once the objects are formed they appear faceted. If I switch the space warp binding off, at strength zero, it smooths out again.
I have several ways around this, but the easiest way by far, would be to just animate the spcae warp binding to turn off at the moment the objects complete their form.
Turning up the turboSmooth Iterations does work, but really increases render times.
Perhaps there is a script out there, or an animation filter.

I am using 3D max 2016.
Would really appreciate some help.
Thanks. :slight_smile: