ANimatation Challenge Pack (skill Generating)


The focus of this brand new animation pack is for new inspired animators to home their skills in these weekly challenges.participant with production work base on the suggested topics provided.At a later point in time there will be a link to post the finish project at the given time.

this is basically to prepare artist for a production grade experience,.Keep in mind that in a real production setting no one person will do an entire project by him or her self.So TEAM PLAY is a mandatory requirement.

The mandatory Rules and regulations are as follows.

-Teams are to produce base on the topic theme,Creativity is key

-Remember this forum is for the development and understanding  of  team work,if you would like to go solo then it's up to you but there are disadvantages.Talking to your self is not warranted by any individuals here in these challenges.  

-Stay with in the render time range.
-Team members could appoint a group leader and there could be various task responsible person eg.
 (a person for 
   -animating etc)

Keep the project size to a minimum resolution if possible,meaning to save time and meet deadlines work light a efficient.

                                :bounce: This thread is still under development and rules are not yet completed.the first challenge would be posted soon as the rules are done :bounce:


Welcome to the very first Animation Challenge Pack

please make a list of topics


This seems very awesome I would love to participate but I am only a student with very little experience.


im waiting for enough people to comment their interest.if u have friends that would like to join tell them about it…


sound interesting…start soon…:slight_smile:


we’ll id start to compost the topic and the rules.


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