so, it’s past october now and unfortunately we have not been graced with this programs release.

does anyone know what’s up ?


maybe its october 2004 :slight_smile:


They extended the beta period. My guess is because not enough people reported bug. I was one of the them. There was a serious lack of communication. No forum or anything. No way to confirm bug. I do beta testing quite frequently and this was a mess IMO. And, there was the issue of the software it’s self. The main issue I had with it is that it didn’t work as advertised. Snapping and locking didn’t fix the joints in space at all. It was more like saying, I’d like the foot to stay in this general vicinity. I reported this but only got a thank you back. About two weeks ago we got an e-mail that said they where going to extend the beta.



Oh! One more thing. No English docs for the plugins. None. How where we supposed to beta test something we don’t even know how to use?

Ok… I’m done now. It’s just that I was really excited about the software untill I actually got my hands on it.



glad that i didnt wait for it and went with messiah animate than.

Thanks for the heads up ngrava.


thank you for your info ngrava.
i would like to read the opinion of the other few beta testers.
perhaps those that can read japanese.


Yeah I would too. Maybe they can shed a bit more light on it. But untill they fix the joint pinning issues so that it actually works like they show it working in there demo vids, I’m not holding my breath.



If you ask Sega, the send you the docs in English, they did it to me. Also for the exporters.

And I thought I was the only one who couldn’t use Animanium’s IK properly, I mean, to move the foot or arm of a character (after anchor some body joints) without moving (madly) the rest of the character… i have to submit some things to Sega :slight_smile:



While I was beta testing it I immendiately contacted them that Japanese manuals won’t do the job. Unfortunately I didn’t get an english version.

As for my impression: I think it has potential however I didn’t play around too much with export / import because it was quite tedious. Also I have to agree with what ngrava said: it didn’t work as expected and I think that I lost too much control overall.

I think it is a good idea to extend beta testing - maybe they fix these issues meanwhile and then release a nice product



any news about a release date?


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