wow, these drawings here are really awesome. i like the finishing touches on the horse, dreja; really nice. inky2, sweet greyhounds! dang girl! :thumbsup:

don’t know much bout animals myself; i usually draw humans, but i was commissioned by the local library to enlarge an existing drawing, 2 of them actually. i did the undersketch for both; one a librarian painted for me, one i painted with another librarian. both in watercolor.

heres the originals (sorry the quality is kinda crappy; digicam)

the process, finished pieces

lower left
upper left
upper right
lower right

i like, never paint, so i really like how the fur came out. the whole piece, actually. we surprised me. really.



These are really adorable! :slight_smile: I’ve taken a look at these a couple of times, and I chuckle every time! :slight_smile:

How are you finding Japan? Are you there on the JET program? I had a good friend once who did that program, and she loved it. :slight_smile:




thanks rebecca! it was really tiring, but really fun to do! i hope the kids like it. :slight_smile: im on a program similar to the JET program, but its called PiA (Princeton in Asia), and is a multinational program, not just japan-specific. we have people in countries such as japan, china, korea, laos, vietnam, thailand, singapore, east timor…most of the countries in southeast asia. its not nearly on the same scale as JET (we’re about 70 strong), but, depending on where you end up and what kind of person you are…i dunno. im having a blast here, teaching english to kids 0-6 years old, and i wouldnt have it any other way. well, i’d be drawing childrens books, but im working my way there. :wink: i would encourage everyone to check it out, if you are thinking of making some kind of change in your life: try PiA!!! (now accepting applications…yes, im hardcore recruiting. :wink: )
where was your friend when she were on JET? what was her experience like? did you ever visit them? you shouldve. :wink: what does she do now?


I’m still not seeing animals Rebecca! :deal:



That’s awesome! My friend was in a tiny village, I don’t remember the name. :slight_smile: She went to Japan after I had transferred away from the school we were both attending, so no, I never did visit her there, though I have been to Tokyo / Kyoto once, a LONG time ago! I remember that the people were so HONEST ~ my folks and I had left a restaurant, and a guy came running after us, because we had left our camera behind! Imagine this happening in the US! Not likely! :scream:

I don’t keep up with my ex~roomate who went, but I think she went on to business school in New York. She definitely enjoyed her experiences though ~ I have lots of letters with some cool stamps to prove it. :slight_smile:

Okay, per Martin / erilaz’s request, I am posting here my lame zoo drawing which I did today ~ it was more social outing than sketch session, but I had a great time, and decided to tweak my little piccy of a lion. He was quite a cutie! :slight_smile:




Hi everyone,

I hope I am posting this in the right place. If not, feel free to move or remove it, Rebecca.

I have been pretty sick recently and busy to boot but I wanted to put this little sketch from yesterday up.

It was actually done to help a friend with his design but I ended up liking it and took it in a different direction.

It is a WereTiger and took about 30 minutes all in Painter 9.


It’s an animal of sorts, and it’s very good, so I think it can stay 11th Door!!!:smiley:

Love the droop of the shoulders and the overall body work.


Moving subjects are always the hardest to draw!! :smiley: Nice Rebecca. I think you should visit the zoo more often and relax!



LOL ~ it was fun. :slight_smile: It was a perfect, sunny day, surprising for the time of year, and I got my socializing on ~ now, back to work for me! :wink:




nice pic 11th…like a cross between tiger and Tyson. :thumbsup:

luckily, im teaching animals this month. :wink:



(pt. 2)

enjoy :smiley:



OMG these are adorable!!! :scream: I want one! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



ikaga desu ka (how about this)? :smiley:


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Wheee!!! Thank you! :applause:


when i went to cal arts for their portfolio day, they suggested more animals and more color… heres a picture of a falcon i did in charcoal (doing figures in color )

took about 45min-1hr, charcoal + a little white chalk pastel on drawing paper w/ a kneaded eraser handy


Just completed this design - commissioned for shirt

The Shirts


animals! hmm…

i think i have one or two! :stuck_out_tongue:

this one is done a long time ago… but i still like it! :slight_smile:

hope fantasy stuff works here :slight_smile:

A poney, not a horse! :slight_smile: - kind of childish colored…

one of my first PS sketches! - be kind! - done with a mouse


Sadly this is the first animal I’ve ever drawn >.>;;;;;;;

Well anyways here is my sketch~

HB pencil on sketchbook paper~ 30mins I think maybe more maybe less.
The leg in the back you can’t actually see but~ it didn’t look right so I just put a leg in there on my comp. because i’m to lazy to rescan.
Anyways this is basiclaly the process I used~
First did the a super fast quick sketch of where everything is going to be. Next I did enough details so you could actually tell what it is. Then third I uhh did little more details.

Man I messed up the face.



That’s a nice drawing! I think the front left leg looks a bit straight and long, but apart from that you’ve got a great start here. :slight_smile: What was the reference which you used? Can you post it?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



thnx ^^ here is the pic I used~

I probably should have shaded but I didn’t feel like it ;x