Oil Painting


Spirit Dreamer,

Ooh, I really like the soft edges in the bkgrd and the Turner~like feel…I think maybe if the rock were less strictly brown, it would fit more into the overall color scheme of the piece. Nice work, thank you for posting it! :slight_smile:

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It’s WIP, and I know it’s mising something but I don’t know what.



This is a beautiful piece! Thanks for posting it. :thumbsup:

The thing I think it may lack is perhaps a bit more drama / exaggeration of the horse’s features? I’m no equestrian expert, but I did a little drawover which exaggerates some of the horse’s features just a bit ~ I also think that once you put in the horse’s flying mane, you will get a lot of added drama out of that, also. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps ~ it’s pretty rough, but just to give a suggestion. :wink:




If the image doesn’t appear… the link to it is here:

I painted it in acrylics. I used my own reference photography of a bayan tree (Ficus tree in Coral Gabels, FL and the black leopard from a place in West Palm. That black leopard was beautiful! Vicious though. It’s 48"x28". Side note: a 550lbs bengal tiger licked my hand. It was like the roughest sand paper you can imagine! That boy was big!
Hope you like it. My other painting are displayed here:
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Wow, fantastic work on your website!! :thumbsup: What is your background and training? Very curious to know. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:




Two comissions done in Painter IX.


Well, I began drawing when I was about three. I have two aunts on both sides of the family that are artists. I began painting in 1990, after a meeting with the famous wildlife artist - Robert Bateman at Mill Pond Press in FL. He told me that he really liked my drawing but, if you want to make it in the field, I need to get into painting. So I did.

I was in all the advanced art classes in high school. However, that did not teach me much more than I already knew. I was really in awe of the wildlife art masters, (ie: Robert Bateman, Terry Issac, Daniel Smith and the one for whom I have a particular affinity to his work - Carl Brenders. I was fortunate enough to study with all of these incredible artists via artist workshops that were located in Montana and Wyoming. Each of these workshop were a week in length. The highlight of these workshops was Carl Brenders (a notoriously hard critic) who gave my work a VERY positive response! I was on cloud nine of course. There was a couple of techniques I learned from these workshops but, things these artists tought in terms of techniques that I didn’t already know was at a minimum. Things such as detail compression with curves and other obvious things like this that I have been appling for years. I was however, very interested to see their application of paint (specifically with acrylics). Daniel Smith tought me a few things about how he applies the gesso on his masonite panels. His surfaces have a perfect tooth to the texture. There was one small step that made all the difference.

Acrylics can be a pain sometimes. It’s greatest strength is ironically, it’s greatest weakness (that is it’s drying time). Those “extenders” don’t work for me. I mainly went to these workshops to see their method for using acrylics because all of the artists I mentioned, minus Brenders, uses acrylics. He uses a combo of watercolor and gouach. which is the same as I used on the ducks.

During my years in college, I decided that to have a “successful” career in art, CG would be my focus. ENTER THE COMPUTER.



It’s great to hear about your background! :thumbsup: Thank you for sharing it! :slight_smile: I always find it fascinating to hear about how people came to and developed in art ~ everyone’s a bit different, which makes it interesting. :slight_smile:

Would you be interested in doing a Demo / Tutorial for the Anatomy Forum? I’m sure people would be really interested to see what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ with your beautiful work. :slight_smile: What do you say? :slight_smile:




You’re quite welcome Rebecca!:slight_smile: Yeah, it is interesting how people enter the field.
A tutorial? Hmmm. Well, I’d have to look through some of the old photos I have to see if I have some work in progress shots of my paintings so I can show the evolution. At least, that would be ideal. Currently, I am finishing up my demo reel. That’s very high on the priority list. Is sometime late this week good? Do you think that a question and answer format be helpful to others as well?



There is no pressure, whenever you can do a tutorial is fine with me! :slight_smile: I totally understand your needing to get your reel done ~ can’t wait tot see it! :slight_smile: You’ll have to post on this thread when you’ve finished it. :slight_smile:

People are free to post questions on your tutorial thread, should you choose to do one. :slight_smile: Currently, I don’t have anything formal set up for Q & A sessions ~ I think that the best way is to post answers to questions on your tutorial thread. Many people will look at your tutorials without necessarily asking questions though…so please don’t be disappointed if there are a lot of hits to your thread, but only a few questions. Many people will benefit from seeing your process, but there are a lot of shy folks out there who may never post comments. :wink: The good part is really knowing that you have allowed others to improve in their own work. :slight_smile:

Hope to see a tutorial when you can do one ~ and glad to have you on the forum! :slight_smile:



PS, have you ever seen the work of Raymond Booth? He’s an English nature illustrator, BEAUTIFUL work ~ I bought a book of his illustrations for my grandparents. It’s amazing, you would really love it! :slight_smile:


Wow that is nice.:thumbsup: I have never seen his work.

A tutorial will be something new for me. The reason it will be challenging is because I don’t set myself to a standard way of working. Minus the basic rules, I usually will approach things “playing it by ear” so-to-speak.

I try to get something together.:arteest: - what a mess LOL.



Sounds great ~ I know people will be really pleased. :slight_smile: I don’t think a tutorial has to be all about a Bob Ross 1-2-3 painting method in order for it to be effective. At some level, painting and drawing in and of themselves are chaotic, and when people paint in too formulaic a fashion, you can always tell. So you can tell I’m not worried about a “playing it by ear” kind of tutorial. :slight_smile:

I had never seen Raymond Booth’s work before walking into a local art bookstore and finding it. It’s a rather large book with beautiful color illustrations. It cost me a pretty penny! But it’s well worth it. :slight_smile: It’s rare these days to see really good nature illustrators…I remember reading that Beatrix Potter, the English Illustrator of Benjamin Rabbit and other classic books, at heart wished to be a naturalist / illustrator, but was prevented because she was female. Well, she produced some beautiful children’s books…have you ever thought about doing children’s books? :slight_smile:




Well, I’m sure your grandparents where very happy that you thought of them with such a nice gift! :thumbsup: That was a very nice thing to do.

Children’s books? Yeah, I would go for something like that. I have three very young nephews. If feels like they’re my own kids. The thing with that, is that I am very much into realism and details, so to create illustrations for an entire book my take awhile and could get pricey as apposed to illustrating in the manner of simple lines, shapes and colors.:hmm:



I know what you mean! I think some of the art books that you see on the market, like Raymond Booth’s, are a lifetime’s worth of work. I myself work pretty slowly, and I can’t imagine creating anything worthy of publication in a short period of time unless it were in a simple illustrative style. But, it’s one of those long~term projects you might want to invest in. :slight_smile:




Hi! here is one from my watercolours about dogs. :slight_smile:


and one else:)


Yes Recbecca. If the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely consider it.:thumbsup:

Dana: Nice color sketch you got there. I like the dynamics and anatomy.:applause:


Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for C&C!
You are absolutely right about shapes. Thanks a lot. I was try to fix it. Here is one version:

Sorry for lens.:argh: But I have to do that.:bounce:

It’s Maya, ZBrush and PhotoShop.


Wow, andreja, really amazing work! :bounce:

Thanks for taking the comments in good stride…in truth, I think the mane is adding a ton to the piece ~ really gives it that extra sense of movement! :thumbsup: Nice texturing, too ~ this horse has a real sense of life! For what project did you create this? Definitely curious to know! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome work! :slight_smile: