Thanks Rebecca, I will have another go at the deer image and see what I can do. :slight_smile:

Echinodermata I love you sheep drawing and the skull. Very good shading and I also like the sepia tone.


Hi Rebecca
Animals are one of my favorite things to draw and paint.
Just discovered this thread…Nice

Here is an old ball point pen and tempra drawing

One of Mrs Spirit Dreamer’s favorites,
she told me to post it,
since she does the posting, I think I better put it on!


Spirit Dreamer,

Ah, I really like this one a lot!! I love that the blossoms are the only colorized bits in the picture, and the brushstroke work is really nice! This is what I mean about not using effects ~ I think you get so much more out of just your own line work!! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



great images everyone!
I tought I could post some animal drawing in here too.

Medium: Pencils KOH-I-NOOR 4H, B, 8B, eraser
Image completition time: several hours
Reference: from palaeontological book, but I will draw something from real fossils I´ve found soon (this was warm up excercise ;))

thanks for looking



Wow, really nice drawing here! Your drawing looks as though it belongs in a reference book, particularly the upper half. :slight_smile: Great stuff ~ thanks for posting, and can’t wait to see the ‘real’ drawing and not ‘just the exercise’. :eek: :thumbsup:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot rebecca! Looks like I will have to do the second drawing really good. We´ll see wether the drawing from real fossil will be better because by saying “this is warm up” I meant that I needed to prepare for drawing trilobite from real by drawing trilobite from book, which is for many people easier - including me. So I did this drawing in order to warm up for drawing from real :)) So, we´ll se. Thank you again for your kind words :))

I have to join Open Figure Drawing Workshop as soon as I will have photo reference printed because I don´t like drawing from monitor.



Seems that extinct animals are ok here so here is my scribble :slight_smile:
Well my friend Raptor|3D and I agreed that we need more training so we choosed some topic (trilobites obviously) and here it is … nothing special but anyway
Its just good old Pencil 4B and plastic eraser
This one is drawn on rough paper thats why it has such a texture
time: cca 2hours

This one is drawn on smooth paper
time: 4hours … yeah I know I’am quite slow :sad:

Ok thats it :smiley:

  • Slux



No problem! Ok, now I see what you mean by ‘warm~up’ and that makes a lot more sense! :smiley: I definitely look forward to you joining the OFDW! Zhuzhu has offered to model for our next session, (not nude, of course :D) and I have asked him to provide us with printable versions, so we’ll see. :slight_smile: I’m sure yours will be a great contribution! :slight_smile:


Great to see you back on the boards! :slight_smile: These drawings are just sooo beautiful, particularly the last one, the details of which I love. I used to hugely love trilobites (I have a real one that’s fairly large) and these are really great objects to draw from…well, now they’re objects since they’re fossilized. :slight_smile: But your shading work is amazing, which doesn’t surprise me since you did such a great job with your skull. I think it’s awesome that you and friend raptor|3D paired up to do this exercise, it’s a great thing to have such a great artist as a friend! :slight_smile:
Great work guys! Hope to see more soon! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi rebecca I’am glad you like it :slight_smile:
yeah I was away from the borad for a while because of some terible exam :eek: it was most difficult exam of my live but anyway it turned out rather well - A :scream: … and I’am out of school now … muhehehe
So expect me in some of your lessons very soon :slight_smile: and btw its great that Zhuzhu decided to pose for us … it will be interesting :scream:

  • Slux


I went for a walk yday, nearby we have a small farm with a few horses and cows. I managed to meet 2 cows, and one horse. One of the cows (the standing one) was a big pain in the a*** :P. It kept moving every three seconds… The other one was just sleeping there and munching on grass. The horse was a very nice one though, good poser. Earned an apple and a pet on the nose from me.

Quick sketches. Couldnt do it for long, it was rather chilly, my hands were freezing in no time :slight_smile: Oh and sorry for the bad scan … it s from my sketch book with a spyral … so it is casting a bit of a shadow…



Great to see your work here! Your story is really entertaining, thanks for that! Cows, indeed, can be feisty models…:scream:

My favorite here is the more gestural cow to the left in the first sheet…perhaps it is gestural because the cow moved a lot? :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting ~ hope to see more of your work here! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



As I said before Raptor|3D a me had a deal to draw some trilobites … actually deal was to draw three trilobites :slight_smile: I have already drawn two and here is last one. Its done in Photoshop and it took me a while too finish … too much detail :scream: you can’t really see it in this resolution but there is a lot of small details … but it was quite good practise :slight_smile:
So here it is …

  • Slux


Holy Paleozoic, Sluxman! This is incredible! :bounce:

You’ve only been drawing for how long, you say? I’m continually amazed at the quality of your work…this is just a beautiful piece, and I’m sorry we can’t see the detail…perhaps you could provide a small close~up at full resolution? That would be great to see! :thumbsup:

I really don’t have anything to crit on this…I think the left end could be cleaned up the tiniest bit, but apart from that, this is just a beautiful portfolio piece, which has a wonderful ‘graphite’ feel to it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I’am glad you like it :scream:
How long have I been drawing? Well I have started seriously with drawing couple of months ago. I have been drawing quite a lot when I was 8-10 years old but you can imagine quality of my images :eek: … after that I was interested in drawing less and less and I have stoped to draw completely … especially after I got my first computer :slight_smile: I was always quite technical person so I love computers and stuff like that (btw I have finished my secondary school quite recently - branch electrotechnics … no art here just a bunch of equations and electronic shemes) I didn’t like it much I like to create and electronic isn’t very creative. But I like art too. When I was young (6 years) my mother took me to psychiatric (it was common in my age) and she said that I have talent for art. But I didn’t ever attend any drawing school. When I was choosing my school my parents told me I could attend some drawing school but I didn’t like that idea and I said I’am not interested in drawing (I was 14 … too young - btw I’am 20 now :scream:) what a mistake! …
Well at the end of my school I was thinking whan to do. I thought I could be a programmer … I enjoy programming but I sucks at math so thats probably not good idea. Then I have discover 3D and it was just perfect … lot of technical stuff I enjoy and very creative. As I started to work with 3D I have realized that good drawing skills would really help me to get better so I have returned to drawing and here I’am.
So I have decided that 3D and painting is what I want to do for living. And when I do something I always want to master it as much as I can. So I will do anything that will help me to get better. Its quite easy since learning new things is my hobby and I always analyze everything I do and I’am also very critical about my stuff so I learn new things quite fast. I have decided that 3D/painting/drawing etc is exactly what I want to do in my life so I’am going to study it very very very seriously … I may be just a beginner now but give me time and will get much much better :slight_smile: I know it … I just have to work on it hard …

This anatomy forum is great because I’am obsessed with anatomy well and with everything that can help me to get better. I didn’t have much time to study anatomy closely yet but I’am definitely going to do so in near future.

Ohhh I guess I talk to much
here is bigger version of my trilobite 50% original resolution


  • Slux



Well, thanks for all that interesting information! I admire your hard work and dedication, and am so happy to have you on the forum! You do incredible work, and I can only imagine what your work will be like in a few years, if you keep up your dedication, about which I have no doubt. Clearly, you are a driven person, and it is an inspiration to see! And, it is great to know that you have found not only a desired vocation but an avocation, or a passion, which unfortunately, so many people lack in life. It’s funny, because so many people will try to discourage a young person from doing art (not a stable career path, etc.) but so many people when they get older have no hobbies, no passions, no joy ~ I find this ironic and sad. I think we are lucky in this age when we have viable artistic career paths (3D, Graphics, Design) whereas even several years ago, this was not as much the case. :slight_smile:

At any rate, I am thrilled to see your work, and hope we will be seeing much more from you! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi Everyone…great works here…
I m going to Zoo from few weeks(almost every weekend:D ) here are some sketches…

Will post more…tommorow is a Weekend…:bounce:


These are fantastic! :bounce: I am happy to see these here…I have to admit being partial to the bunny pictures, as they are adorable and are captured beautifully. :slight_smile: The bear and wildfowl pictures are also quite nice. I really like the loose, gestural quality to your work, and how you reveal their structure.

Great stuff ~ thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



:slight_smile: Thanx Rebecca …yeah those bunny r too cute…they’ve given me various poses to study them :smiley:

will post more…i’m so glad this forum having so many diff. topics…Man, i want to post my works in every Thread…will try my best for that, Thats for sure.




There are also probably more threads here on the Anatomy Forum than you are aware of. If you do the following, you will see ALL threads ever posted on the Anatomy Forum (the default is to show only the threads from the last month, but you can change your settings to show all threads from the last YEAR) ~ change the following settings which are at the bottom of the main Anatomy Forum page:

[left]Threads which are older or which have not received posts in a while disappear, but are still there.

[left]Indeed, it would be great to see your work on all of the different threads! Post away! :thumbsup:

[left]Cheers, :slight_smile:



THANX For this Rebecca :slight_smile: :bounce: