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Couple of monkeys, from ref:


[left]Hi Rebbeca,
First off thank you for an excellent effort in creating this force and keeping the momentum. About this post , this is a WIP that came out of studying Animal anatomy, mostly from books , standard Photoshop brushes and a wacom graphire (my beloved), Any comments, critiques are welcome…this is a WIP! again…

thanks all…



hi all,
Havent worked on the Tigers form but i sort of spent last night drawing Zach’s mug shot, welcome any and all critique on the portrait, composition or lack of it…

… umm…and any suggestions on how to balance the two parts of the image…??


Rabidtooth, thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile: Nice piece here - I’m not sure what the story is behind it, so it’s hard to suggest ways to balance the composition. Will you be adding text? One thing I would suggest clarifying is the tiger’s environment - it looks atm as though he is running through snow, and I’m not sure if that is your intent. The rendering of the person is more refined than the tiger - you may want to bring the rendering of the tiger up a bit more. Looking forward to seeing your progress. :slight_smile:




Hi Rebecca,
Nice to hear your reply, i tried to work on it, this comp. is a tribute piece to Zach de la Rocha…Massive RESPECT!!! I have tried to show his spirit, the energy of his vocals, like a tiger in a trap, bleeding his energy all over the place…im gonna get teary eyed…hehe, but i havent visualised a connection between his portrait and the beast, maybe the chain but it isnt working, something more visual less conceptual…i did add a bit of detail to the tiger paws and his dorsal fur… i’l post another update tommorow… id appreciate another look from you then.


… c n c welcome


here’s some more animals:


Here is a traditional painting of an eagle I photographed at a wildlife refuge. It had a portion of wing missing and could not fly anymore.
The painting was done in oil on hard board panel, 14" x 12" (25.5cm x 33cm). Since I have the peculiar habit of timing everything I work on, I know it took me 45 hours to sketch and paint to finish.

—Hmm tech problem— I guess I don’t know how to attach a larger image in this window without a thumnail preview. This is my first attachment attempt.




You might pm Rebecca about how to post a bigger image.

Really like the bugs in your portfolio …:slight_smile:


Quadart, very nice work.

Also done a eagle head studyy recently, not as elaborated as yours, though:


Some great stuff here! -voraz-, that’s some nice work. Quadart, that’s very pro! Hope to see more of your stuff on the forums. :slight_smile:


Thanks Rebecca. Here’s a tiger portrait done with Indian ink on poliester paper.


–voraz–, nice sketch series. I like the mosquitoes and the fact that you initially drew them from observing the actual specimen under a microscope. It reminds me of the days when scientists had to document all of their biological finds by life-drawing instead of using cameras with strobes and macro-lenses.

Thanks for the compliments –voraz– and Rebecca.


Thanks quadart! unfortunatelly couldn’t do this one from life :shrug: :



You’re doing some really stunning work! :slight_smile: Nice to see this thread alive…I think it was one of the first created on the forum, way back in the day. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Nice panther –voraz–.

Did you use gouache for some of the highlights?


Thanks rebbeca! :smiley: I like painting and drawing animals so there will be more stuff in the future!
Thans too Quadart, yes the highlights were done with white gouache, slightly tonned with watercolour, hey I suck at keeping the withes and it was also a sketch so I didn’t have much time to prepare that stuff, though it ended up taking quite some time (I think about 2 hours) due to the work it was to build up the black in watercolour…

a anteater:




And a cheetah:


Some of my critters are more of a caricature (many on greeting cards) like this old worn out horse that the buzzard is worried about…
(Corel Painter and PhotoShop)

And this one who is showing the rider how to “ride drag” (the cowboy that rode at the back of the herd and got all the dust and best views… and aromas)

This horse apparently specializes in riders who are “frequent flyers”


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