Animal Study - Photorealistic Elephant, Creative Destructions, (3D)


Title: Animal Study - Photorealistic Elephant
Name: Creative Destructions,
Country: Canada
Software: Lightwave 3d 7.5c

Attempt at capturing subtle realism.

Skin shader used for body and tusks.
Ambient Occlusion shader used for pedastal to form shadows.
Bumpmap for displacement.

2 months on and off for completion.

1 4096x4096 colour texture sheet for main body.
1 4096x4096 specular texture sheet for main body.
1 4096x4096 bump texture sheet for main body.
1 1024x1024 color texture for eye.

Image 2

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There is something very strange-looking about this.
Did you use SSS in the shading? Because if you did, it’s too high - the elephant seems to be lit from within, it looks quite luminous to me. Or did you perhaps use photos for the textures? If so, this could be the reason for it looking a bit strange - the textures seem to have a different lighting in them to the rest of the environment, and is making the elephant look really flat (if I hadn’t seen that this was made in LightWave, I actually would have assumed, at a quick glance, that this was a low res photo of an elephant that you cut out from somewhere).
Also, your textures look really low resolution, although that could be from the JPG compression, which is making the textures look quite blocky. A 4096 size texture is quite small for an entire creature.


I agree with Leigh… hand paint the textures…



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