Animal Crossing: The Movie


Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Movie Trailer:


Well they did say they wanted to get into the movie biz…i guess this is there first foray. (Oh and I’m not counting the countless tvshows they have done.)


When I first read the thread title I was shuddering in fear that it may be directed by Uwe Boll…

I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a nicer looking pokemon mishmash… it deserves a fun and whimsical story…


there were a few pokemon movies… but why animal crossing?!

they have so man other cooler ip’s to make movies with…


Wild guess, but it could be cuz it’s making tons of money. Animal Crossing on the Wii is going to be an epidemic IMO.


that looks great! and the first shot is in the back of the taxi going to your town!




Haha…forgot about that one! But who can blame me for forgetting!


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