AniComp challenge 01 " FOREST GOLEM"


Forest Gomel Animation Composition challenge 01

Read the rules and regulations before starting

Welcome to the very first AniComp Session.This month challenge takes us out to a forest guarded by enhanced beings of great manna to a village on the brink of disturbing the balance of nature.Using any art style of animation,weather it be 2d,3d ,heck we even welcome stop motion animation techniques.think first you only get one shot at this animation once your script is posted.

Your task:
Create a short film no more that 3-4 mins long illustrating a story based on The Forest golem and the village tribe in an appealing scenario of your choice.All candidates are to follow the rules and regulations in order to qualify for the main voting process.

Rules and Regulations:

-Before submitting all participants are to provide a script and a storyboard,the judges will be paying attention to the script and a story of final rendered film.Failing to provide a movie script with lead to automatic disqualification.“Remember Before any work is posted Provide Your MOVIE SCRIPT”

-Candidates my form teams to speed up production.Management of that team should work on meeting dead lines.

-Post all content in this forum thread.

-All videos may be embedded into this thread if possible or hosted on a youtube channel or similar.

-Ensure to post links of any reference you may use if possible ,so that other may see.

-Maintain a regular post and Provide WIPs and screen renders .Remember the goal of these challenge are to sustain the interest and long life of this challenges.

“We will need CG society moderators to help in this Judging Process PM me please”

                                           Get started You have work to do


Hey man awesome challenge and props for putting it together! However, i think it would be best if you focused on just an animation challenge. Maybe it could be a walk cycle for a giant or something that’s just animation based. Try to avoid other areas if possible (model, rig, comp, etc) and just post anim challenges, you can make 3 levels (easy, medium, hard) and each one can be unique on its own. There are tons of free rigs available online so it could also be another thing to base challenges on. Sorry for not mentioning this earlier, i assumed you’ve seen past challenges posted here. If you come up with another challenge i’d join. Good luck!


im creating this to be an official challenges.For more information check out the Official past challenges to see how they work.


this challenge sound awesome! Looking forward to it.


Looking forward to seeing all the cool stories,animation and awesome designs.Don’t forget to submit a movie script or story board.


coolbeans…good luck and have fun!


Sounds very interesting. I wish i had free time i would for sure like to be a part of one team as a 3d modeler.

Looking forward to seeing what people will come up with.


I completely agree… this challenge sound too complicated for me… i’d like more challenges like the drunk challenge or something a little more based on animation :slight_smile:


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