Angioletta Giolli, Antonio Bonora (3D)


Title: Angioletta Giolli
Name: Antonio Bonora
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello, I just realized this girl, the skin shader is a shader revisited by my old job.
I wanted to make a final image very large pixels, to exploit better the face of this beautiful girl.
For modeling of this woman’s face are parito with reference to Angiolina jolie, even though my goal was not achieved, the similarity with you, take only the inspiration of his facial morphology.
A short poster also a kind of tutorial sull’hair and fur of this work.
I hope you enjoy the work.


Antonio Bonora.


Compliments! 5 stars and gallery for me! :beer:


Great work Antonio, I like it! She really looks like Angelina Jolie, well done! acclaim for gallery :smiley:


Good work! 4 stars for me!


exelent! good perfomance!


CG Choice Gallery for me! :thumbsup:


Nice work!

Its pretty far from gallery… however she looks like golie

But :

  1. ear texture is undefined, missing shading and details.
  2. forehead hairline is pretty firm, and in diffuse there is some texture of hair, dont fit cg hair.
  3. eyebrows looks washed out and flat.
  4. texture stretching on lips.

Skin looks soft and in some areas looking good. Hair looks not that bad too. Model looks good too.

It still miss some aspects to gallery.


Good work. Really Angiolina Jolie. Excellent light shader skin looks perfectly. Good luck!


I love this one! :slight_smile:


Wow, excellent work!
I especially love how graceful the ribbon looks around her neck! :slight_smile:


Très, très jolie! :thumbsup: Only two minor suggestions: front lock could be better integrated indeed, and the camera shouldn’t be tilt because of earrings. Everything else is perfect - i like this lovely portrait of the young beauty very much. 5*


Awesome, excellent job.


wow amazing she is look like the artst i like it Angioletta Giolli i love it so much

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:

5 ***** from me


Very nice,looks great! :thumbsup:


Beautiful face!! :thumbsup:


Magnificent work.
Really well done.


very nice, very realistic. :thumbsup:


also place the implementation phase of the hair Angioletti Giolli. :slight_smile:
Thank you all for your appreciation!

Hair and fur PART1:

Hair and fur PART2



I had to agree with Dodgeas3d, but even with this errors, is still nice to watch this work :slight_smile:
and is Angelina so …whatever :stuck_out_tongue:



woow, very beautiful!