Angelina Jolie, Dmitriy Vlasenko (3D)


Title: Angelina Jolie
Name: Dmitriy Vlasenko
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This work was inspired by outstanding talent of the American actress Angelina Jolie Voight. One of the world’s most attractive people, she is impressively photogenic person.
I have used 3ds max for modeling, texturing and posing. Mental ray was used for visualisation. Photoshop were used for compositing and color correction.
Thanks for your attention.


awesome work !:slight_smile:


Very nice composition! She looks beautiful - love those shapes on her right arm! Hair could take the same precision as shown on the face, but otherwise awesome! :thumbsup:


very very very nice man and go aheaed :applause:


Your model is perfect, very alike Angelina Jolie


Nice model :beer:


while the face is very good, I can see some major issues coming up with the visible bend in the elbow on the right side of the frame, as well as a sharpness to her other arm that just doesn’t look natural.

Where her hands disappear into the hair, it looks like you’re hiding them on purpose, and there’s some funkiness to how the part of the hand you can see on top of her head is shaped.

Others have mentioned the hair, but yeah, it needs some work.

The lips and most of the face is spot on though, and lovely.


Yes, your critical remarks are right. Agree. I can see her elbow bend is incorrect. Hair graininess in the shadow area may be due to some bugs, but I should fix this anyway.
Nothing is perfect, especially at the beginning of the career :slight_smile: I’ll surely try my best, but on the next model.
How do you think, should I take everything that looks nice from this model, and make another render of Angelina, probably in another pose, under another environment?


It depends on the model you have. You’ve shown this piece already, which is illustrating your mastership in doing beautifully composed portaits. So i would try an other pose with the upper body more visible, paying attention to all details. Maybe a scenery from one of her films, like for example (my favourite with her) ‘Girl, Interrupted’, where you could show a totally different look of her and a rather simple room as environment.(or any other film, except an other Lara Croft :wink: ) Keep up the nice work! :thumbsup:


Oh! Congrats!
Very photorealistic image!

Keep going!


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