Angel, Song Yuefeng (3D)


Title: Angel
Name: Song Yuefeng
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

hi~~ welcome my posts.
This is the first time I Submit here.
The girl in my work is one of my students,her chinese name is Anqi,from angel’s transliteration…
…Sorry for my poor english.
I’ll be very glad to your comments.

>> Hi resolution image <<


Nice work!~ great modeling and texturing~
But the the shape of clothe is a little unnatural, especially the part next to the statue’s ear.


wow ! exellent work ! :thumbsup:
The rock is very nice


amazing work! I agree about th cloth though it looks like it’s been glued there. But everything else is so good. Top marks from me.

Pete B


hope this won’t be your last post! :wink:

let me give you your first 4 stars!


Fantastic stuff - very original too!
I love the pose of the girl - especially her arms and hands, and the statue makes for an intresting composition and a pleasing image overall. Excellent cloth modeling as well. Is her hair 3d?? It looks so damn good!
My only crit is that her head seems a little large - like shes very young or something, and i cant quite see what she is sitting on - it almost looks like shes floating and the backdrop isnt physically there.

Great work overall though!

Any chance of some more views, wireframes or detail shots?


Excellent work! You have a good sense of composition too!


beautiful scene, congratulation…


Very nice Pic. I like the pose of her and the Scene with the statue in the Back.:thumbsup:


Excellent work :thumbsup:


interesting work!!!

  • but i think she is a bit smooth…


0very nice would of love to see the wip (more so wires of this)


Good job on the modeling and texturing! Great render and mood as well.


Nice work, I like the hair, clothes and pose,

A couple of things appear a bit wierd to me, her elbow (dunno what it is about it) and the cloth over the statues ear (seems to be an odd position and some of the folds don’t make sense to me, though the other side of the figure it looks good).


i love the pose dude!

outstanding work, nice BG
keep it comming

cheers from argentina


love it !! Great modeling and posing, especialy love the detail on the hands and feet.


Beautiful composition. The girl’s emotions are so well seen. But I feel that the elbows are a little strange. It looks too flat near the bend of the elbow.

Would love to see some wires.


Awsome composition. Love the way the girl is posing. The cloth does look too stiff near the ear. Her elbow too looks strange.

Would love to see the wires.


I second the oddity of the elbow. I think it would bulbe out more with the muscle (toward the camera) and dimple slightly closer to the bone at the point.

the cloth looks silky and blowing in a breeze, but maybe the hair would be more offset if the breeze were strong enough to paste the cloth against the statue like it is.

Definitely a great image though!


this is an amazing work it… It has a really good mood and fealling to it. I love the pose and the lighting is very excelent :slight_smile: I have no advice to add, that others have not said already. very excelent job hope to see more soon. FIVE SMILEYS :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: