"angel_noah " --the 3d Character Opera Animation


Title: "angel_noah " --the 3d Character Opera Animation
Name: Mirrorink Animation Studio
Country: China
Software: Maya, Shake

“Angel_Noah” the 3D short film animation is the latest work by Chinese—MirrorInk Animation Studio. This work takes the “Noah” story as the background. With the aid of the opera manifestation, we utilize 3D design to take everybody a brand-new appearance. This work ‘s prototype is from one American 2D animation, it is endowed with a new lifefull element by dint of the studio’s 3D design. We hope everybody could obtain a different feeling.

Creation details:
Capacity: 61 MB
Creation period: 2 months, May 2005
Email: [email=“mirrorink@yahoo.com.cn”]mirrorink@yahoo.com.cn[/email]


That’s absolutely amazing.


Liked too Liked too


Haven’t seen the anim yet. The download is on a very slow server. I might be able to host it for you on my server tonight. Ill edit this post and add the link as soon as I download it and see it…




to ENL :It is on a Chinese server.I’m glad you can host it on your server .Thank you very much!If you host it ,please give me the link.


Ummmm…I remember this movie, its called ‘Cats don’t dance’ 1997 by Warner bros. (Currently under Copyright © 2000-2005 CelebrityWonder.com. All rights reserved.)

No offense. But please give proper credit to the owners and creators of the original work. i.e. Warner bros. and Frans Vischer the animator of that character.


wonderful recomposition,frankly,the studio should get 5 star due to their gaiety!

we could find their perfect accurate technical details during their recomposition, amazing light and arrangement,here_cgtalk.com is so right forum for such exciting youths,i love their skill.
Their working is equally matched in TIMES Warner’s opus!:sunglasses:


Thanks everybody!Hope you like it!


做的真不错!:thumbsup: 顶一下!


That’s really cool! Now do the rest of the movie, I want to see some dancing cats :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the cg looks great, but as for trying to match it to the 2d animation(i’ve seen the original 2d sequence), I think its missing some things, i think some of the poses could have been pushed harder and lots more squash and strecth.


Wow, you just sucked the life and soul from that original animation, didn’t ya?


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