Angel Modeling and animating in Lightwave


*note: I posted in general disscussions, but didn’t get much feed back…plus I got some maya posts when I specificly asked for lightwave…hahaha weird…anyway I’de much apreciate some help ^^ and an added problem that I’m sure will run into, anyone know any tutorials on how to animation wing flight motion?
**Thanks to Rei Ayanami for that very helpful tip!! ^
^ Much love.

Hey everyone! I’m new here. I just wasnted to get some feed back on this little problem I have.

I’m modeling a sort of angel like girl in lightwave. I have her body completley done, I just don’t know how to get started on wings of any kind. The type of wings I want are detailed not just general shape wings. Does anyone know of any tutorial pertaining to wings what so ever? help would be apreciated.
Thank you.



Check out my Martin Bird thread:


O_O!! Wow! Thank you so much! This should help me incredibly!!



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