Angel, Amoe (2D)


i just finished this.

i hope u like it

photoshop, 7 some refs used



inspiational. HOpe it makes it as I would love to see a bigger version in print




yioow! what a lovely violent angel!
Exelent work! You totaly :buttrock:


Front page stuff. :applause:


I really like the light treatment you have given to the wings. The right side of the image is too dark for me, however, and the height the head is being held at would only allow the angel to peer into the brain of her enemy rather than look into his eyes or face.


amoe, great stuff, nice light, nice render. Welcome into Exposé, i hope for you:)


Love the colors, front page stuff!


I think this is a good picture.
Maybe it’s just me but I would prefer a less “perfect” side perspective


thanx alot for the feedback. glad u guys like it :thumbsup:

i know the sideview is bit lame :slight_smile:



splendid piece, friend


More light,and a bit of perspective.
Still a great piece though,very impressive.



Wow. Those are the most unique wings I have ever seen. Beautiful! And the armor is highly classy as well. This is by far the best painting and character design I have seen in a long time.

Highest praise.


artistically the piece is nice, but i don’t feel like the head fits in. First, she looks like she’s looking over the head, in which case i’m not sure why she’s holding it in front of her face. And the point where the cut was made looks too cartooney, all blood is hanging the same distance, nicely, slowly dripping. No scatter anywhere.

The wings are amazing though, keeps my eyes on the left side away from the weak part of the image :slight_smile:


Love the wings. I first thought the char was 3D :stuck_out_tongue: good job


I like it a lot, but the pose of the arm holding the head could be better. She (I think it’s a she) would look better holding that head out a little further, or just higher so she is looking the creature in the eye’s. I guess that would be a personal preference not really a critique. Then again you would probably have to change the whole angle of view so you could still see her pretty face. Or even better just use the other arm. Anyway. congrats on the Front Page Plug. :thumbsup:


Looks great,

Only thing I’d crit is that the character seems too much in contrast with the bright orange background - making the main subject matter seem too dark and muted.

I’d brighten the rocks and the character a bit more.
Otherwise - very impressive work.


I love the desing! beauty!:thumbsup:


Nice image. I love the color and layout of it. :thumbsup:


very nice. The building remains in the foreground seem comparatively flat, and not congruent to the remaining image, but I really like. My congratulations.


Your amount of detail is stunning. Way tight, very impressive.