Andy Luttrell - Circus Audition - Magician


I decided to go with my long-time passion: magic. Given that I’m very new to animation, I don’t know that I’ll go all the way through with it, but I’d like to at least try.

The guy’s auditioning for the part of the circus magician, and he’s performing his world-famous floating ball trick.

I did some thumbs last night, but I don’t know if I like them completley. I think he might want to get angry at #7 instead of depressed. Critiques please!


Nothing to say at all?


cool idea , you can put some great acting in there. I’d recommend you thumbnail further and add the breakdowns and refine the key poses. adding facial expression in the drawings will help too.


I put together a little animatic with breakdown poses and such. This is the first time I’ve ever really done one, so any advice you can give would be great!

I think I may go with a rig that doesn’t have a face.


Ok…I’ve finally jumped into 3D with this one. I think the timing is really bad, but I can’t quite figure how to make it work. Any suggestions would be great!

1st Blocking Pass - Quicktime


Push your poses, right now it’s all very even.

Maybe have him try to coax the ball to float and after a few tries, he just grabs the table and flips it up, in anger.

As a result the ball will float up for a mere second, he’s happy, then it falls… he’s sad.

3 emotions, in one shot!

Your timing will have to be spot on though, There would be alot going on.

I also liked your first boards where he walks away and the ball flies up afterwards.

Keep going!


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