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I was wondering, does anyone know if digital versions of Andrew Loomis’s books are available for purchase? Those books are wonderful, and IMHO will be a great asset to seasoned as well as inspiring artists.


They’re hard to get hold of, but there’s a site dedicated to preserving Loomis’ art books :

I’ve got a copy of ‘figure drawing for what it’s worth’ as pdf, but don’t have serverspace or traffic enough to host them - I can give it to you directly though if you’re interested.


Thanks for the info.


They’re ok, certainly not the best though. Niccolades “The Natural Way To Draw” is much better. Or Betty Edwards’ “Drawing from the right side of the mind”. Robert Beverly Hales’ “Drawing lessons From The Great Masters”. DAli’s “50 Secrets Of Magic Craftmanship”. Burne Hogarth, of course.

These are all head and shoulders above Loomis, who is mediocre at best. Why aim for that?


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Wont mind getting a copy too. Thanks.

noen, you sound heavy sort of. But if you are right why not? know where I can get pdf version or got any one of them?



Heavy? I mean, I’ve put on a few pounds but I didn’t think i would show here! lol!

I’m sure a search for these authors in Amazon would be successful

Robert Beverly Hale and Burn Hogarth are published by Watson Guptil press.
The Dali book is a Dover publication.
And Betty Edwards is…can’t locate mine, but she’s everywhere.

Jose M Parramon’s How to Draw Heads and Protraits" Watson Guptil, is very good traditional instruction. And I love Ettore Maiotte’s “The Painting the Nude Handbook: Learning from the Masters” Clarckson Potter pub. It even features art that doesn’t suck. Which is always nice.


Bittorrent is great when you have a large group of people downloading a file but for these Andrew Loomis books the seed group is NEVER large enough on to get any kind of satisfactory connection.


I uploaded three of the Loomis books to a site called They host large files up to 30MBs for free indefinitely as long as there is one download within a month. There are TWO conditions.

[li]You’re only allowed to download 20-30MBs an hour. You then have to wait for them to clear your IP.
[/li][li]You have to wait approximately 60 seconds after you request a “Download-Ticket” for it to start.

Cool? Here are the links to the zipped pdfs of-

Andrew Loomis - Eye of The Painter - 25MBs

Andrew Loomis - Fun with a Pencil - 11MBs

Andrew Loomis - Succesful Drawing 22MBs

Note: Scroll down to the bottom and click Free. Wait the allotted time and there you go! It’s not perfect but it might help.


lol noen, nice. Thanks for the tip.

cloud, thanks a lot for the initiative. I’m sure lots of guys will be glad on this. :slight_smile:


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BTW As soon as I get a chance I’ll see if I can shave some MBs off of the PDFs of “Creative Illustration” and “Drawing the Head and Hands” in Adobe Acrobat. At the moment they’re too large for RapidShare.


Once again, thanks for the info guys. IMHO I feel Loomis’s work is somewhat under rated. He apparently taught at the School Of The Art Institue Of Chicago, my old school, so I was just curious as to what might be available out there. I think John Vanerderpool’s little book on figure drawing is quite helpful as well, I am not sure if it’s still in print or not.


I can’t say that I agree. What Loomis teaches is very practical and to the point for people that want to learn the nuts and bolts of what makes good illustration. Loomis was a successful and respected commercial artist, so his teachings are along the line of commercial illustration. If that is your focus, then Loomis delivers. The other books you’ve mentioned lean more towards general drawing, but they do not teach important elements of successful illustration like storytelling. If you want to just learn to draw, they are fine, but if you want to learn effective storytelling as a visual artist, then the Loomis books are much better–particularly “Creative Illustration” and “Successful Drawing.” “Eye of the Painter” is also an excellent book on the subject of painting.

I don’t like Hogarth at all, and I know a lot of other artists that don’t. He draws everything as if every single muscle in the body are fully flexed at any given time, or every fabric is overwhelmingly stressed with unrealistic number of folds, and his teaching is very clinical, without any emphasis on grace, elegance, creativity, or beauty. Loomis on the other hand, teaches you those other things–which are extremely important to anyone that wants to not just draw or paint, but be able to express beauty and tell stories too.

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just out of interest,

Whats the word of spreading Loomis books over the net and copyright?

arent these copyrighted material that we are sharing and spread?


People have tried to get the Loomis family to reprint the out-of-print books, but for some reason, they are not interested in the legacy of Loomis and have no interest in dealing with it. AFAIK, multiple attempts have been made, all met with a cold shoulder on the part of the Loomis family.

I’m not sure if it’s ok to spread digital copies of out-of-print books online, or if the fact that the people with the rights refuse to reprint the books makes it ok. The online Loomis books have been around for a few years now and widely known. I don’t think anyone’s raised an eyebrow yet.


Great move cloudmover. I uploaded the following file on the same site - it is just too cool :thumbsup:

Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing For All Its Worth - 23MBs

have fun and dont forget - if nobody downloads the file for 30 days, its deleted automatically.



regarding the copyright issuse, as far as i can remember its legal to distubute the books for educational purposes(the saveloomis site isnt working so i cant check) since 2000 or 2001.
this is problerly why the loomis family dosent let any publishers reprint it:wise:


I was under the impression that another (less talented) illustrator/author (Walter Foster, I believe is the name) had purchased the rights to the original copyrighted material and the distribution was more of a protest to the horrific mutilation this guy had done to the original material.

example 1 and example 2


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im behind a proxy, so my ip is a good few 100 other peoples too… can anyone re-up them at , make yourself the recipient (dont worry, no spam) and the link it gives you in the email (or at the end of upload) paste here… 25 downloads max, and 7 days expiry, but its decent enough for something like this


If anyone has got this elusive and great book in PDF form and could spare the time, could they post a link ‘figure drawing for all it’s worth’?

I know I can view it at, but I noticed there was a PDF floating about this thread a few weeks ago (it’s gone now), and i’d prefer it in PDF format, I have all the others and have eagerly read through them, but this one is eluding me!

Thanks for anyone’s help.