Andrew Loomis books order?


Hi guys,

I was browsing this forum and came across the Andrew Loomis book by Steven Stalberg post, I was just wondering if anyone know the reading order of the book?

For a beginning artists in drawing, or does it not matter? each book is unique for that particular topic? As i have all the books thanks to cgsociety but i don’t know which to read first?



I think Fun With a Pencil is targetted more towards younger readers, and the more advanced books like Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth, Creative Illustration…etc are for adults. I don’t think there’s necessarily any order to which you should read them, as they cover different ground, with some minor overlap.


That’s true. I have Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth and Creative Illustration and digital copies of Loomis’ others. They do overlap but each one brings something new to drawing or painting.
Definitely a good place to start from. He’s one of the best.


谢谢� Robert.

I’lll look into it, it was just really overwhelming when i had them all, they are great learning resources. I was just confused as to what to read as i noticed some were a bit more advanced in terms of theory / techniques.


I just got the books myself and feel the same as you. I do not know how to draw at all. Im talking zero. It’s been one of those things where you look at something in awe and say “Ha! There is no way I could learn to do that”.

Now I really want to make it a point to learn. After reading the main thread in this forum, I finally found the books online (the links here no longer work)

I didnt know which one to read either. Even the Fun with a pencil looks advanced for me. Im only 5 pages in, but he is already drawing heads and I dont think I should turn the page till mine look somewhat like his. When I say I dont know how to draw I MEAN I dont know how to draw! :wink: This is the first time in life I even tried.

Is there something I should read prior to the loomis books?


Considering Fun With A Pencil was written for children, that’s about the best place for you to start. Just keep practicing. Drawing is something that takes a lot of practice, just like playing an instrument. There’s no way anyway can learn to play a song on the piano or guitar or violin just after a few tries, and it’s the same with drawing a head for the first time.


Thanks Lunatique!

The music analogy helped - I know a thing or two about music!

I was wrongfully under the impression that I should master a lesson prior to moving along. I realize this is subjective but any suggestions on how long I should practice a lesson before moving forward?


Sometimes you don’t have to “master” a lesson before going forward. I think it’s more about familiarizing yourself with what the lesson is trying to teach you, and then move onto the next one to learn about what that’s all about. Later, you can always go back to practice the basic stuff and strengthening your foundation.

Think of it like this: Most people learning instruments don’t just “master” a song before moving on to learn the next song. They tend to learn how to play one song and can some parts of it, but struggle with the harder parts, but they go on and learn other songs too, and then just go back and forth and keep practicing all these songs until they have all been mastered.


Your awesome! Thank you so much for the advice in this post and your efforts via the forum to make this information available!

You rock!


Ok so - its been a couple weeks now. I have spent about 1-2 hours a day drawing. Ive gone through a whole sketch book already. I have been reading the following:

  • Fun with a pencil
  • How to draw the marvel way by Stan Lee (Its actually just a basic drawing book pretty much)

The primary exercises I have been doing based on those books:

  • Drawing heads from the loomis books
  • Drawing bodies using basic forms in various poses from the marvel book
  • Drawing Spheres and straight lines

The results thus far:

Under the auspices of the Nevada State Gaming commission and HBO boxing, calculations were performed by MIT using super computers and a subjective review was done by The A-Team, 2 Ninjas, and a breakdancing eskimo named Pete:

I am officially drawing at a 1st grade level!!! :cool: Hey two weeks ago I was below kindergarden status. What did you expect in 2 weeks? Improvement?

All kidding aside, I am really really enjoying this. I dont really know why - but Im having fun doing it. I wish I had done it years ago. I look forward to the part of the day when I get to draw.

I am also planning on taking a couple classes at an atelier (LAAFA) after a few months. I dont want to waste their time now.

Thanks Lunatique!

Kenrick-Wu hope your still practicing.


That’s awesome. It’s always great to see someone having fun with it instead of sounding like they are pulling their hair out and feeling frustrated or daunted.


I can see that. Especially considering the effort you put in to help others. Im sure you know that most people are extremely appreciative for your time and helpfulness. I for one am anyway. Im sure there are countless others that probably may never even post that learn from your threads and are positivley impacted by your efforts and talent. So thank you again!

Your portfolio is increddible by the way. Ok now time for me to draw!

(My attempt at saying good-bye in Mandarin) “Jai-Jen”
(My attempt at saying good-bye in cantonese) “Zawla”

Hopefully that made sense because I only know 4 other words in chineese and they are all bad words :wink:


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