André - Short film character


Hello everyone, I wanted to open a WIP thread about this character I’ve been working on extensively during the past month or two (mostly two). I’ve come to love the style from Dishonored art, and I wanted to incorporate this style for my character. This is one of two characters, I’m developing for a short film. This is a preview of the final (hands sculpt and proportion are still pending, just ref geometries here):

I’ve been working on the hair fighting a little bit with Xgen and still can’t decide to go full Interactive Grooming. Would appreciate some insight from those who actually use both. Not sure if I’m gonna set me up for an ugly huge surprise at the end going all IGS here. Anyone?

Also, I’ve already done some extensive work on the cloth and the shoes (which I’ve posted in another thread).
There’s also a bit of a “walkthrough” going from Marvelous, to Maya, to Zbrush back to Maya. And in the middle of that, Substance painter too.

Any C&c is very welcome!
Thanks for watching/reading.




And lastly, the shirt:


Update. Working on the hair up top. Looks like I need some frizz or noise to break it up a bit. I still wanna retain the clumps though.
Any crits?


Alright, for the time being, I’m done with the hair.
What’s new then? Added the eyelashes, noise/frizz to the hair and the peach fuzz, which I believe is a bit strong right now.

I’ll jump on modelling finishing the hands and then make another general pass, tweat some properties of the head, probably remove some orange color from the face, and general colors adjustment on the cloth.



Has anyone found this issue of flickering as shown in the video? Going crazy trying to solve this one.


Looks really cool. Thanks for sharing.

The hair looks soooo smooth. May I ask how did you achieve such feature?
Such as the width of the hair or the minimum pixel width?

I just couldn’t mine to work like that

Thank you for your time.


Hey thanks bentraje!
Info about the hair. The things that helped me with softness is a bigger roughness in the spec, min pixel width of all the collections is between 0.3/0.65. Pretty much anything lower than 0.3 is pretty noisy. Be aware that this comes at a cost in render time. Also, sampling has to be somewhat high. Above 8 for AA.

Care to show an image of your issue?



Thanks for the response.

Although may I clarify how wide is your width hair? 0.01 or 0.005? (This is different than the min pixel width)

What I have so far is this:!I24CQQpD!604LQqbtfc5mS1LwYGCpkRbW6QYCf8ijN0Y-UMtNnjs
Your setting help so much. I had the AA at 9/ Ad the Min Pixel Width at 0.5. It looks better now.

Although may I ask if the image is good enough?

I am going for Big Hero 6’s Hiro Hamada’s hair: Link hereMay I ask for tips on achieving the hair? I know that there are difference in clumps but is it possible to have that look and still maintain the clumps?


Hi bentraje,
Sorry about the width thing, I got them confused for a sec, but yeah, the min pixel width advice still stands though.
That min pixel width does act like a “minimum” clamp it seems. Having said that I have a variety of widths in my hair (they have different descriptions), but for example the one in my hair (up top) ranges from 0.2, 0.15 to zero, and the curve below describing the tip and the root is pretty low. All of it is close to the bottom end.

Another tip is to make the root thin as well so it mixes better with the geometry.

I think you’re the right direction, though plenty of work is in orden. Of course it’s achievable, it does look like the Hero reference has a sharper specular (lower roughness) than yours to begin with.
Also, it will help a lot to add some chaos to it, noise, cut (for different lenghts of hair), etc. And yeah, working on different levels of clumps too.

I’ll leave you with this link:

Check specially on part 5, there’s an expression for adding stranded hairs that looks interesting.
And plenty other tips.

Hope that helps some how, you should open your own wip thread too, so you can keep track of feedback and booking links.


Hi JW,

thanks again for the response. And yes, that link is really helpful. Thanks for reminding me that.

Have a good day ahead!


Sorry for the trouble,

one last question, by any chance do you know how to specify a point for clumping in clumping modifier? By default it is set as random or by guides. I can’t use by guides because for 3 guides I only want one clump.

Is that possible?


One way to do this is to paint clump maps. You might want to look into using several clumping modifiers with different density guides, and also using guides for the clump. Might give you the effect you looking for.


This seems useful:



Hi JWRodegher.

Just got it! So, what I did is have the usual click of “Set-Up Maps”. Then by default you have this clumps generate. Clear it. So you have empty clumps.
Then (This I totally miss this!), when you hover your cursor to the mesh, you can manually put the clump points, same way as the putting guide points.

This solve the problem.

Why is this great? At least in my set-up. I have like 14+ descriptions just to accommodate the stylize clumps. Now I can have one description and have many guides and it will be fine since the clump points is independent of the guide points.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Nice! Thanks for hitting back with info man. Appreciated.
Would be nice to see the progress on your character.



Working on the hands now.


Small update:


Looks great! What 3d program and render engine did you use for it?


Thanks man, Maya 2018 and Arnold 5.