And the winner is....


Ok… I’ll be sending out the ipod tomorrow Richard. :slight_smile:


I received my iPod yesterday, I’m very happy with it, never listen to so much music in a 24 hour period! I discovered The Cat Empire! I am now an official member of the iPod Family (clic the picture…) Tanks again Brian, Ian, Brad and this great community!


You’re most welcome Richard. Enjoy your new toy…you deserve it.


Great shot of the Ipod family Rick.



:slight_smile: Just wondering did you purposely wear that shirt? it is the same with your Avatar, but you forgot your glasses…



Keen eye Loon…! (well, it is kind of obvious…)
The shirt was not on purpose, I too was surprised when I posted…
OK, truth is: it’s my only shirt…! :smiley:
The glasses are broken… I’m stuck with my prescription sunglasses in the mean time. :cool:


Bonjour famille d’iPod!

Play it loud Rich :wink:


You have a nice family (as the gangster said). Congratulations, Richard. BTW you need a new shirt indeed :thumbsup:


great job Richard! Sorry Im late to acknowledge it…


Ha! He can’t hear you. He’s using his new iPod.



I’m listening, I’m listening…
No problem Scott, you got a lot on your hands right now. Thanks.


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