And the winner is....


Richard Joly. The judges have come to a decision and we feel that Richard’s entry best represents the spirit of this particular competition. Thanks for your hard work Richard. Lets touch base to get you your prize.


Oh and Richard… please put together your collection of shaders and materials for public access so that others can benefit from your process. Thanks.


Well done Richard!

You’ve won the competition and deservedly so! Fabulous atmosphere and a great render. I feel I should also mention Loon’s stunning render, very slick and stylish!

Congrats and well done to all involved!

PS. What ever happened to James?? :slight_smile:



Congrats Richard, you did a great job for this contest.



Congrats Richard, Very cool entry. You did a fantastic job!


Congrats to all who entered.

Just finishing the project is a great thing in itself!


Congratulations Richard :slight_smile:

It means a lot to me to say that to you. I know you well deserves it.

Great Artist and a Great Guy.




Thank you everyone!

I am probably the happiest Rick on the planet right now…! I did not own an iPod and the black one is my favorite…!
But I won a lot more than a first place. I won recognition by my peers. It means a lot.

For the new users reading this thread who are overwhelmed by the complexity of 3D rendering: Don’t be shy, ask questions!
You will find here and at the EIAS Forum a bunch of GREAT guys always ready to help. In the last 3 years, since I joined the EI Community, the quality of my work has expanded tenfold. The dedication of these persons is boundless and so is their talent. Brian, Ian, Igors, Matt, Jens, Patrick, Dave, Yon, Alonzo, Paul, Thomas and the other dozen I forgot… this image is the result of what you taught me over the years.

Thank you very much.

A special “thank you” to you Brian for taking up the time in your incredibly busy schedule to run this Forum and lead this incredible community. I owe you a lot.
(I still want the iPod though…)

Congratulations to all other participants for their implication and their beautiful work. When we take part in these challenges, we are all winners!


All I can say Rich is you’re lucky I already got an iPod. haha!!!

Watch Out on the next contest Buddy!!!


Great acceptance speech indeed.


Congrats Rick !

You have a very nice work…now you have to retire young :wink:




Congratulations Richard :slight_smile:
Plus a most gracious and elegant acceptance speech. Well done.


Congrats Rick !

Really nice work !



Congrats Richard! you deserve to win the contest :), you did a great job.

sorry for the late greetings, I just came back from vacation.




I had a feeling you’d win it, your render was beautiful and the concept and composition really hit all the boxes for the brief.

I’m only sorry i didn’t manage to get past first base and offer up some more competition. Four live projects with the same deadline as the competition put paid to me getting past my first draft model which I didn’t even get a chance to post (it wasn’t very good anyway !).

So congrats to Richard, and congrats to Brian and the voting panel on setting the competition.

This is the first competition I’ve entered and despite not finishing I think the process of discourse through development is invaluable to both experienced and novice users.

When will it go into production by the way ? Traffic was a b**ch this morning and we have more room on the roof to park than in our car park.




Man now you need to find time to use the ipod. Felicitaciones !!!
I think RIchard has a stunt or a double because he multiplys i donot know where did you find time Richard. :wink:


Woo! Way to go Richard!


Miguel, too late for me to retire young… Aziz, Juan, thank you, Loon your image had a great impact at my workplace, thanks for the kind words. James, too bad work got in the way… you had a fantastic concept. Edgard, I can use the iPod and keep on working…! I wish I had a double sometimes, I could sleep more. Free time during the contest was concentrated on my entry. I am blessed with an EXTREMELY supportive family. Craig, i really appreciate your Woo!

I am supposed to share my shaders and materials but you already have them for I used only standard EI stuff, no fancy shaders. I made a mockup of the solojet project with greatly reduced maps for anyone curious about the setup. It’s still over 8Mb. You can download it here:

Again, thanks for the support.


Oh and Richard…one more thing. Submit the image to the EI gallery. :slight_smile:




Congrats…I like your work very much…there are a lot of beautiful results
in that competition but also in my opinion all in all you really met the spirit best.



Thank you Tom. It was time well spent; I learned a lot.