And now .... Cinema4D R9.6


hi guys
happy new Version of Cinema4D
we can talking here about new of Cinema4D 9.6
Linear Clone Tool

Radial Clone Tool

Grid Clone Tool

Cloner Object

Matrix Object

Facture Object

instance Object

Text Object


Spline Mask

Spline Mask

Displace Defomer


Spline Warp

Group Effector

Delay Effector

Formula Effector

Inhertane Effector

Random Effector

Shader Effector

Sound Effector

Spline Effector

Step Effector

Step Effector

Target Effector

Time Effector
Enjoy yourself


The items you listed all belong to MoGraph not 9.6 and there is already a thread on Mograph.



Srek - any AR improvements in 9.6? or if not, any news or ideas about when a new or improved AR is in the offering, if it even is?

(i appreciate you cant say anything concrete) :slight_smile:


everythign new is on the site really, no new AR stuff at all no module updates anywhere really ont his build except maybe bug fixes. There are some rendering changes thoguh like the new matte object, Motion vector multipass and new compositing app support stuff (new application added and ability to export object coordinates as null to AE and combustion.)


I have avoided upgrading to 9.52 because of changes in the SDK and some plug-ins not working. Is this issue resolve in 9.6?


Thats GREAT!


What will the matte object do?


Shame eh! Shame on Maxon.


What plugins are you talking about?


You were expecting all that in a free .1 update? Mkay.


No doubt. :slight_smile:

Hey Adam, I know it’s probably hard to think straight what with your avatar’s eyes disconnected and all, but just how long are you gonna sport that wintertime holiday hat? :smiley:


I know I know. I’ll take of me hat when I get back from NAB. :stuck_out_tongue:


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