Ancient Hall, Advent Children Fight Sequence...


Hi there! (not a serious Thread ;))

I was very surprised when I discovered this nice scene in Advent Children the movie…

I did this picture 4 years Ago, a picture that was displayed everywhere, even for ATI marketing, and saw this background in the Japanese movie 1 month ago, am I just Paranoid or megalomaniac or should I ask some rights to Square pictures? :):slight_smile:

here is also a trailer I did with Ubisoft cinematic Department for Prince of Persia Warrior Within in 2002 I can’t compare that to advent children quality for sure (we just had 1 month production!!!) but this is more regarding the mood of the fight sequence with pillars room…

now the Advent Children Screenshots:

maybe I am just paranoid :slight_smile:




You need to look a bit closer. It looks nothing like it.


Well, Square might ask you for some rights, the Church scene was originally from the game Final Fantasy 7 that came out in '97, i.e. some 9 years ago, obviously updated somewhat for the more recent film.

However eclesiastical architecture in decay with shafts of light has been a very common theme of CG for years and years more or less since the beginning along with chessboards so I think you’re maybe being somewhat paranoid.


First of all it’d be based of the original environment used in the game, though much more impressive of course.

second of all,whats similar in it to yours that your seeing. I see a common styling of pillar, stainglass windows of very different design and brick walls. outside of that I don’t see it. The layout of the room is different, there is plenty of space int he movies version for characters to pass behind pillars, your pillars are butt up against the walls

Sadly I think your just paranoid on this one. Consider that you had influences in designing yours, based off of how such church halls and such are made. Its like if I asked several people to each design a court room you’d find a lot of uncanny resemblances in each design because we are all going off the same references of what we know a courtroom will always have.


You’re completely right, I looked at the picture of the church in 1997 FF 7 and it is clearely the inspiration for the new setting in advent children,

It was just funny when I looked at the movie that this mood was really relevant to me, like if I went there, as I didn’t play any of the Final fantasy games, anyway it is not a serious thread :wink:


Theres many churches out there , nice piece that one of urs but i may say yours have round column base and AC one has square ones.

Another thing maybe u should try doing another shoot of that old picture of yours , with all the eperience u gained over all these years u can have a great new shoot.

Nice shoot BTW


Paranoid! Off to the loonie bin with ya!:smiley:


qu’est ce que tu niaises-tu , la ? :smiley:

Parano Rafo :smiley:


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