Ancient Bath House


Well to be fair Dan, I probably dropped the ball a bit when it came to my GSCE art test. :smiley:


Foliage seems to be getting closer to what I am aiming for, still a lot more work to be done and i’ll start expanding it. I should probably stop procrastinating and get all the tree’s done too :smiley:


Tree’s and more general foliage…


Really looking beautiful, Jim. I love seeing the updates.

How much animation are you going to do on it?



Oooh, lots and lots! :smiley: hopefully.

I’m thinking that I should hopefully have the main elements of the image all completed soon (over the christmas holidays perhaps, where I can spend some time on it) and I can get onto the task of animating it all properly.


Very impressive!
I really like the large panoramic canvas, 'cause we can get into the image.
Also, your colours are very well mixed.
Keep going on and I hope you’ll not be tired with it!
I’ll look for updates.


Looks neat JMC :slight_smile: I prefer the later, warm pictures infront, of the blueish and colder ones.

What 3d program have you been using?


Wow I really like this painting. Makes me think of Atlantis or Lemuria perhaps. :thumbsup:


arnocob: cheers :smiley:
wasker: 3d max all the way :slight_smile:
AnOldFriend: thanks.

Might not be able to do much for a few days… but i’ll be back . :thumbsup:


ooh long time no post but i’m back. :smiley:
I’m knocking together a quick making of video…
it’s in high def resolution and has sound, so it’s gonna be for broadband only people I think (just about 47 megs)

The video is still work in progress but it will give you a gist.
The codec is Divx and the file is winrar compressed (just download winzip or winrar to unpack it if you don’t have it)

I’ll be back with updates… not sure when though as I have lots of work to be getting on with.
Another thing to note: the video does not yet represent the latest progress, which I will post soon.


really great great work :thumbsup:

All the many hours you put into this pay off in the end :smiley:


The video shows a lot of things.

I love the water fall and the reflection in the water, the over all mood is brillant.


Thank you both, i’ll update when I have the energy :slight_smile: (staggers off to laze on the sofa for a while)


MAn…O_o amazing…this is the best painting what i ever see…


so i just found your thread. and i have to say this is amazing! i was watching you making of video and it went from great, great, great and the the last one was amzaing! cant wait to see this finished.

So what is your workflow. I have to say im a little confused about the projecton mapping on the 3d objects. I guess i have just never seen it done. can u go a little more into detail?

thanks and keep it up!


Sanislov: thanks very much :slight_smile:

malibubob: Thank you, it’s half four in the morning here and I’m gonna be up for work soon :smiley: But I’ll be back and then post an explaination on how projection mapping works (or at least how I bodge it :wink: ).


Ok, Camera mapping (projection mapping)

I cannot upload to my ftp from work, so I’ll have explain this without images for now.

There are actually a few different ways of approaching it, you could start with geometry and then paint afterwards, or you could do it the way I did it and start with a 2d painting first. A lot of matte paintings for movies use a little projection mapping these days, though I didn’t want to use it for the same ends, it’s more about getting a ‘moving painting’ look for me.

The basic premise of the technique is sort of comparable to a real life movie projector in the cinema. Imagine that the image being projected was the bathhouse and then you get a bunch of plain cardboard boxes and built them up into a model that matches the shape and perspective of the bathhouse image from the projectors’ point of view.

I put the painting into the viewport background in max and after getting a reference ground plane set up to help match the camera view angle with the one in the painting, I started building simple geometry to match the scene.

I also had to cut out elements such as the big archways and pillars. These needed to be projected separately and I also needed to paint what would be behind them in a separate image/projection. Obviously in the original painting the areas behind the pillars or any foreground objects did not exist, so I needed to fill these areas in. Without the separate projections, moving the view to take a render from even a slightly different angle than the original painting would result in the geometry behind the pillars and archways displaying a double image. In the real life projector example it would simply cast a shadow on anything behind the boxes, but since we can selectively choose which objects to project onto, we don’t have those restrictions.

The arch ways and pillars also have projected opacity maps that help define the edges, which hides the fact that the geometry they are projected onto is very low polygon.

I also started expanding the whole scene so ended up adding a few more camera’s from wider angles in order to project the cavern walls and new foreground elements. You can use multiple images to project from one camera if required, or you can use lots of cameras projecting from different angles with different images. I made all the projections 100% self illuminated and so there is currently no ‘3d’ lighting’, all of the lighting and shadows are painted into the textures. Although if I were going for a less painterly look there would be no reason why you could not have bump maps, specular or any other type of shader techniques in there.

There are a lot of possibilities with it; it all comes down to thinking creatively about how to achieve what you want. Because it was my first time with camera mapping and I was learning it as I went, I didn’t do a very clean job of it mind you (ie, inefficient texture space usage).

Hmmm, did that make any sense to anyone? :smiley:


it did make sense thanks for going into that for me. i think it came out great and cant wait to see it done!

thanks again for the time you put into the explanation!


You are welcome, :slight_smile:
final (for now) video is now uploaded…


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