Ancient Bath House


Hello people,

Working on a concept painting for a short animation, this is the environment…
Early days so far, starting the detailing from the bottom up (almost :D, i’m sure I’ll start painting all over soon)


Are you going for a Roman style bathhouse? :bounce:


yeh, kind of… although I’ll just make it up as I go along rather than make it historically accurate to any particular style. More like a parallel universe ancient bath :smiley:


And so it continues… The final will have a lot of stone work, but I will also smash it up a bit, because it is supposed to be a little derilict.

but now i’m off to bed. :smiley:


That sure is looking sweet, Is this purely a concept image or do you envision it actually appearing in an animation?

I think I may have to keep an eye on this, Im deeply jealous of anyone who can do architectural paintings, I can do them just not aswel as i would like :slight_smile:


Yeh, its gonna be in an animation… the script is in this thread:
(scroll down for latest draft)

Thanks :smiley:


Archway details…


The lighting looks good and camera angle makes it very interesting. I am interested in seeing the details on the side Do you plan to use this in a 2D animation or do you plan to build it in 3D? Did you put the checkered floor in by hand or do you have a trick?


don’t have to be very neat for things so small, so I just scribble them in really…


Some rough lines in as a guide. :D

It will be a 3d animation, so all these will be just concepts that will (or will not, depending if we like them) be built in 3D.


Thats enough for now… time to turn in.


looking better with every update, should ake a sexy 3D model aswell, what program are you using to paint this in…?

are the giude drawn by hand or is it a tool? Ive tried using the giuds in photoshop, but for some unknown reason they frustrate me to point of throttling Sasha (my pc)


Thanks, :smiley:

I just draw the lines with the line tool in photoshop on a layer and set the opacity to low.


Had a nasty headache tonight so I didn’t get any work done, but I have decided to expand the canvas and show the roof off as well…


looking good, i like the inclusion of the centurian style statue, what I think would look cool would be for its obvious relative to be shattered, possibly spread up that left hand aisle, perfect oportunity for some wicked perspective methinks…?


Good idea, thanks :smiley:


I think I’m going to expand the canvas further to the right. I’ve decided to try an idea whereby a waterfall has formed over the top of the mountainside bath (long after it was built) and therefore half the building is flowing with water from the top down… this side will be very damaged.


yep… I’m gonna do it. Lots of water, should be fun to paint… it’ll be hell to animate but what the heck! :smiley: The gaping hole on the right will be where the water escapes, down the mountain side. (the bath house is up on stone stilts of sorts).


Some right hand damage is in… enough for tonight:


I have to say im curious about this waterfall, I realy am… may I see… lol


looking awesome so far keep it up!

ALso keep updating us with progress pics this can turn out to be a nice demo of how to make scenes with perspective etc :slight_smile: