I want to be better on modeling humans and I would like to learn more about the human anatomy. Anyone who can recommend me a book to buy?


I’m currently taking a life drawing class and
my teacher recommends this book.

Artistic Anatomy
by Dr. Paul Richer & Robert Beverly Hale


we have a sticky thread that list all reccomended books and sources :), check that one :thumbsup:


I was wondering if there were any free anatomy tutorials on the web. With all the living expense and university, money is rare to come by.


Well, 'ELLO there!!! :smiley:

Hmm, just so happens we have a wee thing here on CGTalk called the Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art Forum. :slight_smile: How convennnnnient! :smiley:

Check out this thread first:
Tutorials, Workshops, Anatomy Reviews & More … [links within]

I ran 3 free Anatomy Reviews on CGTalk which are linked there in post #2.

There’s more free stuff there than you can shake a stick at! :slight_smile: I invite you to post work, comments, and participate in our free Open Figure Drawing Workshops, in which new photos of nude / clothed models are posted every two weeks. We are currently on Open Figure Drawing Workshop 006 ~ anyone is welcome to participate, and may use any medium, including Digital / Traditional / 2D / 3D. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you guys on the Anatomy Forum! :slight_smile:




Wow… I’m speechless.

Cg Talk has got to be THE best Cg forum ever.


Elucid Concepts,

Me thinks so. :smiley: It’s definitely a great site! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I recommand this book,


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