Anatomy Thread of Zapan - 3D 2nd


Hey Friends !! :slight_smile: sweeping dust on keyboard

I realised that my previous thread was closed so it means that been 12 months since the last time I dropped by here … How sad it is … so here’s the reason of this thread.

So I’m taking the opportunities to have some time to spare to start a brand new illustration and of course to share this with you guys .

I would like to create a mythology picyure about the 3 furies … I have no idea about the compo I’m gonna choose right now but I’m still doing researches about this theme (to not doing the same of course .

So here’s the modeling start of the first one named Alecto …

So everything’s very WIP but that is at least the base mesh .

Let me know what you guys think of

cheers ,


ps: The huge spaghettis on her head are supposed to be snakes , but yeah , it’s very WIP


Steph Steph Steph! :bounce:

If you like I can merge this thread into your old one / effectively reopening it. Just let me know. :slight_smile:

Lovely piece as per usual, I’m sure you will refine this to a high degree. Are her arms a wee bit short? Hard to tell from the perspective view. But I definitely want to see her finished! :slight_smile:



Beckie !! :cool:

If you like I can merge this thread into your old one / effectively reopening it. Just let me know.

Well except if it causes an organization issue (if so feel free to merge those two) that’s just ok for me to start a new one … yeah I like to start things :slight_smile: plus I’m a bit curious to see how long we can keep this one serious …

Are her arms a wee bit short? Hard to tell from the perspective view.

yup , definitely the woman is always right … correcting this right now , thx :slight_smile:

Will be back with some progress soon , thx for your help and support dear ,




No worries Steph, I’ll keep the threads separate then. :slight_smile: Always nice to have a fresh start. As for keeping things serious, there are no guarantees :smiley: - looking forward to seeing some nice updates. You should alert the troops since they’re still subscribed to your old thread and probably don’t know that you have a new one. :wink:


Okie dokie, I opened up your old thread so you’re free to post a link there to your new one if you like. :slight_smile:



Uh, it’s really Stéph:bounce: …with a brandnew thread, great to have you back here:thumbsup: !
This looks like a very nice start and I’ve just subscribed, so I hopefully don’t miss any progress.
Already curious to see more!

Have a great day!



Yay !!

Thx Beckie … done :slight_smile:

@ daWinky : whee Sabie , oh I missed the old morning gathering of the team …
Thx for the support I may come later today with some progress :slight_smile:

cheers ,



nice effort so far … and great works in your earlier thread.

id be interested in some orthos and wiresframes of this one.

could be perspective distortion, but it looks like some proportions are off. here breasts seem too low, her hip is too narrow and short, the muscle bulge on her lower arms just seem wrong… exegerated in a wrong way somehow (lack of underlying structure). the arms overall probably are too short. her neck i think is too long (not really sure but 80% ;)). but the thing that bugs me most is her hip… its so boyish.

sorry if this came off harsh, just need to get into this crit thing again…lack of practise :slight_smile: all ment to be constructive.


Heya !

@ soneone : no problem , got to tweak a lot of stuff … you may right for the for the most and I tweak every area you mentionned . Do you think that better ?

A little progress , tweaking and legs … Also , orthos screens and wireframes requested …

The holes in her back are where the wings will be attached …

Feel free to say what you guys think of

cheers ,



hello zapan… glad you appreciate my crit :). heres some suggestion… (liquify in ps)

hope that helps.


Mooorrrrning Steph!:smiley:

Ah, great to see some more views, as always I’m impressed to see your efficient mesh. I’m eased to know that she’ll get some wings, they’ll make a fine counterbalance for her heavy boobs:p …She looks pretty good to me, just the ribcage/shoulder proportion is a little odd in the frontview. Perhaps the shoulders and neck should be a little wider, or like in soneones overpaint the ribcage a bit smaller!?

Waiting for the next update!
Have a great day!



Sorry for being unresponsive here Steph, my computer died a few days ago and is getting repaired. In the meantime I am going through internet withdrawal. :smiley: Will be back to spam you as soon as I can. :wink:


hHA Steph you’re back and I’m so late to notice :hmm: forgive me!! Awesome work already - looking forward to more indeed :bounce::arteest:


He’s alive! He’s alive!
Glad to see you back dear Steph!


Wheee Girls !!!

@ soneone : Thx for the paintover , I will tweak the ribcage as you suggested :slight_smile:

@ daWinky : morning Sabie :bounce: … Still the cupsize discussion … :scream: Maybe once and a while I should consider that people do prefer apple breasts … aren’t they ? :stuck_out_tongue:

@ the Beckinette : what ? the BoXX is down ?! that’s scary … but you’re welcome to spam anytime as you know :slight_smile:

@ Intervain : Wheee Mag !! thx for the welcome , and I’m the one who’s sorry for having missed all your beautiful works … and to congratulate you for the ZBC interview … yeah I stalk you through the net anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

@ agou : Da sophinette !! yay ! it’s been awhile … thx for coming by , I hope to see some of your 3d works soon …

Working on the wings these days , should post it soon , thx for the support friends

cheers ,



Ugh, sorry for the long absence Stephounette, my desktop is still in the shop :argh: so I’ve only intermittent internet access. My laptop is super slow, like a snail. :slight_smile:

I like the last model, one thing I notice is that her torso seems a bit short for the proportion of the head? Perhaps some small snail tweaks could help? :slight_smile:


Wow very nice work! pretty:thumbsup:
looking forward to see some more


Steph! What!? You’re back!! :scream:

I haven’t been around here for some time now, and such a great surprise to see your brand new thread (really serious so far too)
Excellent start for sure, your modeling skills always makes me drool - I’ll keep an eye on you. :slight_smile:


Hey Stephane!! WOW, man!! ARE you popular with the girls!!:smiley:
Welcome back!!.. great stuff! Just watch the shoulder and that pinch coming out of the arm-pits… also, its best to keep the rib-cage narrower for women. The pelvis could be wider, though… I mean, the illiac crests on either side could be placed wider apart, as soneone indicated. … and oh, one more thing… looking from the back, the place under the shoulder where the arm meets the torso seems to have gone in a bit too much.
Eager to see the wings on her!!:bounce:


Hey friends ,

Really sorry for the veeery long silence , things are pretty weird lately … oh and btw are you guys noticed that everytime you start a new personal work , suddenly all the people around you is asking you to do things for them ? it’s kind of bumming me to not be able to hang out with you guys …

Anyway the winged women is still in the factory while I’m also trying to finish some older illustrations since I’m finally on a good way to have a decent website in the following weeks.

Eventhough some of them won’t really be anatomy related they will obviously included characters so I guess it’s gonna be okay to post them here .

@ da beckienette : hey dear … hope the boxx is okay now … i’ve done a lot of snail tweaking on the lady … I will post her soon to get some feedback from the rocking lmkao queen :slight_smile:

@ yzdyzdyzdyzd1124 : thx a lot man , hope you not in the hurry … nobody warns you that the updates are coming only once per year ?

@ Gunilla : Gunie queen !! yeah I know I’m very late … anyway always a pleasure to see you around … and probably this thread was too serious because you weren’t there … or simply because the lack of activity from the original poster :banghead: …

@ anandpg : Hey mate ! about the girls yeah I noticed that too … I only explain that because I made the mistake to claim that I was able to cook (which I only try) …
Thx for the great suggestions I tweaked a lot of stuff trying to get the woman right … I will post the result later … thx man the help

cheers ,