Anatomy Thread of razz - 2D/3D


Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking in the forums for a while now an thought it’s about time to show something. Not much, just some sketches from my old sketchbook. Here’s some figures which I’ve drawn while watching Glenn Vilppu’s DVD’s, just re-drawing actualy:

And some sketches for 15 Minute Sketchathon. Only they were not shown, cause they took me a “little” more than 15 minutes.

There’s plenty more in the sketchbook, but nothing interesting. Will try to find some time to draw something. Until then…



Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: It’s great to see your Anatomy Thread up and running, and you’ve got a lot of nice work here! :slight_smile:

It’s great that you’re working from Vilppu. I think studies from his work tie nicely into studies from artists like Burne Hogarth as well.

Out of curiosity, what is your art training and background? Looking forward to seeing more of your studies!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hey, Rebeccak.

Little about me? My real name is Tautvydas, but call me raz, please. I’m from Lithuania, ~ month ago i became 16. I will finish art school this year, but to tell you the truth, it doesn’t teach much there. Speaking about figures, I think i could say I’m self-educated, because we drew very little of those in art school. No anatomy, no nothing…

  Ok, for today I'll show you some of my drawings from art school.
  This one is from last year:

  This one from this year:

  And one done yeasterday. Not mine realy, just a re-drawing from a book.
  All for today I think.



Really strong, impressive work. :slight_smile: The eyes of David are particularly striking. It’s nice to hear about your background ~ are there good art schools (colleges) in your area where they teach figurative work and principles? I’m impressed that you’ve done a lot of work on your own. What are your plans for your next phase of study?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thank you for the interest, Rebeccak. I appreciate it.

Well, I know only two art academies in the whole country, but I’m not truly sure if they teach figurative work. The one does, not sure about the other one. It’s a small country I live in, not much here. I want to buy some markers, but there aren’t any in my town, so I’m waiting for the day when I’ll get to the capital city and buy some markers there. It sucks, don’t you think?

Next, I think I am going to model David. Yes, the one guys at hardcore modeling challenge are modeling. Will be a great practise for me. But that’s 3d. Speaking about 2d, I think I will be redrawing muscles, figures until I become confident enough to draw from imagination. I’ll do some drawings from life too. Lots and lots pf drawing awaits =]

You know, Rebeccak, it’s a pretty long way for me until I’ll finish school, so I think I have time to push my skills and knowledge. So, not wasting any time, here’s a sculpture from last year:

Tell me what you think, people.



Very cool sculpture! Yes, I agree you have a long time. :slight_smile:

Feel free to post a link here to the modeling challenge, or to post your 3D work here for critique. :slight_smile:





I just checked out your thread and I really like your work. It is very strong and it exerts a real confidence.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Keep it up! :thumbsup:




Rebeccak, actualy, the David model I will be making will not be for the challenge. I’ll be making it just for myself, to practise, nothing more.

Sproth, glad to hear you like it. I will post more and more pics as soon as i have time to draw or model something.

For now, a model which was done for texturing practise. Unfortunately, no textures yet. Some details added with zbrush, the real model was modeled with maya. There’s a little hole in the back, sorry for that =] And a huge sorry for the size.


Wow, razz, hugely impressive! :slight_smile: It’s quite amazing to see someone of your age so advanced…that’s inspiring!

Great stuff so far ~ looking forward to seeing this finished! :slight_smile:




Woah! Im really impressed with the eyes and sculpture. Great job! How are you 16 and already in art college?:curious:


Unbelievably awesome. I absolutely love the pencils of the gymnasts (your 15-minute sketchathon pieces). Great energy and rendering. Fantastic work on the 3D model, too. That you’re only 16 just has me drowning in jealousy. :slight_smile:


Rebeccak, thank you. I hope I will finish it, not much time now. But hey, the night is coming =]

Rblitz, glad you like it. Ah, and I’m not in art college, I just go to art school three time a week after lessons, you know.

LoTekK, thank you for your kind words. I’m really happy you like it.

HUUGE thanks to you all!! Your words keep me drawing and updating this thread.

Now, some studies. I did some master copies yesterday evening. The first one is Raphael’s, but i don’t know whos the second one, sorry. Please tell me if you know. They are not finished, because i am going to take my Wacom out and draw bones and muscles over them. I need to memorize them, so I think this will help me.



Great to see these studies! The right figure looks Leonardo~ish, but I’m not sure. :slight_smile:

Did I point you already to Erich’s thread? He has a lot of great master copies there, near 100 of them, toward the back of his thread:

Anatomy Thread of Erich Schreiner

Definitely check it out if you get the chance. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:




Thank you, Rebeccak. I watched the thread and though that i really need a book from which I could copy old masters works. I need to go to the library ant find one or two =] Until then, I do have some images saved to my pc, which are waiting to be studied, haha :smiley:

Ok, inspired by Zhuzhu’s master copies, here’s a study of Morgan Weistling’s work:



This is a beautiful piece. :slight_smile:

I must say that with reference to doing digital pieces, you should be advised that not all colleges look very favorably at all on digital work in portfolios. This is sad, but unfortunately a reality, and I think you have to balance how much digital with how much traditional work you do. When you get closer to college application time, it would not hurt to consult with a counselor from your current school or from an art college you want to go to (assuming you want to go to an art college) and ask what their portfolio requirements are, and whether or not digital work is acceptable. At least for now, it seems that digital work is not looked on very favorably.

Having said that ~ I think you’ve done a beautiful job with this, and encourage you to explore this further.




Yes I understand, Rebeccak. It is that CG is not very popural in my country and I truly believe that none colleges here would accept digital works. I was thinking of drawing the same girl in traditional paint, I only need time. Maybe some weekend I’ll do it. Further on, I know that I should first get familiar with traditional painting and only then paint digitaly, but as it is similar in some ways, I’m more comfortable with painting digitaly. But as I said, I will do it with traditional paint. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll update the thread as soon as I have something new. It’s a pleasure to join you all =]



Wow, you already have that skills with just 16, congratulations, indeed you are going in the right way, all your work is excellent, but I just blown away for the sculpture and the last paint (beautiful).


WOW!! Such gorgeous work!! Awsome, beautiful sketches :thumbsup:


Hi…RAZZ …:thumbsup:
Looks like you have the eye, and the touch…always a winning combination…:slight_smile:
You might want to start drawing and painting from life also. Maybe a mirror self portrait,
still life composition, city with people ect,…whatever excites your imagination.
What you learn from real life drawing and painting, will improve your didital work and your didital
work will improve your traditional work…cover all the bases, and you can’t go wrong…:slight_smile:




You are only 16? WoW!! Congratulations, you are very good!!

I really like your drawings, keep going!! :thumbsup: