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[color=Red][/color]Hi …
OK, I´m starting my anatomy thread.
C & C welcome.

If anyone is interested I show some previous drawings and sketches I have done before below. I have more e. g. life drawings but these were too large to be scanned.
I have been drawing from 2004, but unfortunatelly not too often because of time consuming high school (that had nothing to do with art), now I have relatively a lot of time so I can improve faster. At least I hope so :smiley: .
I also want to add traditional paintings, clay models and 3D digital models to this thread in future. We will see when :D.


Pretty good stuff you’ve got in there. :thumbsup:

You probably should insert the pictures (the yellow square thingy in the post toolbar) instead of just using links so people can see them easier. You could also give them titles or at least easier names so people can comment on specific pieces.



Great! I am really thrilled to see you start your own Anatomy thread, no doubt spurred, I suspect, by your friend Slux’s excellent efforts on the forum! I am glad you’ve posted all of this work, which is great to see ~ you have some really beautiful pieces, and I am happy to see your Skulls from the Anatomy Review 003 amongst them! :slight_smile:

I agree with CBee, if you could edit your post and copy the URLs into the little yellow/gray icon with the mountain and the sun, we will be able to see your pictures without having to click on links.

Great to see your work here, and I look forward to seeing the progress you make on your thread! :slight_smile:




CBee, Rebecca: thanks!

one of my first drawings (when I started to draw seriously)
reference: photos

first life drawings:


reference: anatomy books / photos (mainly book Anatomy for the artist)



reference: Anatomy for the artist:

2005 (most recent work)
reference: paleontological book

reference: real fossils (quite small)



Thanks! Much easier to see your work this way! :slight_smile: What are you planning to draw next? :slight_smile:




yeah, you are right … :slight_smile:

I think I´m gonna try to draw some quick sketch, probably from Anatomy for the artist again. I also have to shade the drawing of zhuzhu soon :).



Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing your sketches and additional OFDW work. :slight_smile:




Hi men
I have just noticed you have your own thread :slight_smile: hehe thats great I have been wating when you will create your own.
Hmmm nice stuff you have here :thumbsup: well I have already seen most of this but some are new.
I wish you good luck with your drawing/painting/sculpting … and don’t forget practise practise and you guess practise :scream: ok now I have to repeat it to myself few times lol …

  • Slux


Thanks a lot man!

Well, I think you have started great progress and even inspired some people here, which is great.
Yeah, I need more practice, who doesn´t, right? :slight_smile: It will be hard work but also fun.


reference: Anatomy for the artist
It was supposed to be qiuck sketch at first but it turned into 3,5 h rendering. :shrug:



Wow, what a beautiful piece! :thumbsup: The hair looks fantastic, your proportions are good, and the shading is delicate and really lovely! :slight_smile:

Great stuff! Your thread has started out on a really good footing! Definitely looking forward to more. :slight_smile:

I’m curious, are you and Slux friends in real life, or did you meet only through the internet? :slight_smile:




to Rebbeca:
Heh hmm no actually we have never met in real life we are icq friends lol :slight_smile: but we are planing to meet soon (may be?) dunno it depends on Raptor becase he plans to visit me :).

  • Slux


Awesome! :slight_smile: I think that’s so cool ~ I hope you guys do get a chance to meet up ~ I think it’s fanstastic you’re encouraging one another to do some really great work on this forum! :slight_smile:




That is good, Raptor. I think that deserves double thumbs up, heh. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Rebecca, CBee: Thank you! I´m really glad you like it. It motivates me to draw more.


Just an experiment with “Gioconda” pencils and quick shading. I don´t know, I like smooth shading rather than a rough one. This was just an experiment in order to sketch fast. I´ll do blured one with charcoal pencil next time.


Nice shadings :thumbsup: